Is It Safe To Sleep With A Gun Under One's Pillow

Is It Safe To Sleep With A Gun Under One’s Pillow?

Under your pillow, you decide to sleep with a loaded .38 you have legally purchased and licensed.

You should ask yourself: “Whose life am I willing to risk?”

Colt Firearms of Connecticut has been advertising for 114 years that you don’t have to worry who you shoot; you just shoot.

Every year, there are around a dozen home invaders who shoot for no apparent reason within a person’s bedroom.

Honestly, the chance that the guy with the .38 firearm with his under-the-pillow gun will hurt anyone with it is about the same as you are getting run over by a hostess cupcake truck.

It is the inability to teach children by the time they finish elementary school how to exercise that right legally and morally that poses the largest problem with the right to bear arms.

It should be ingrained in every citizen from an early age that bearing arms is a right spelled out in the Second Amendment.


I’d start with safety first if I were teaching a child about the Second Amendment. Just as a parent sets rules when it comes to matches, which kill more people than guns.

School children should be aware of how firearms work and how to keep them safe. As a consequence, I would conduct many truthful drills about death, as the instrument of death will be placed into the hands of the children.

As a general principle:

Do not aim a firearm at any living creature unless you intend to kill it.

There are many Americans who hold the firm moral position that they will never kill anybody, regardless of the circumstances, and these people must not only know how to properly handle and respect a gun but also where to store one.

Children will learn to respect and not fear guns if they are exposed to them and learn about firearms. Despite the fact that fewer people die from guns than from sleeping pills or automobiles, guns do kill when misused.

Children in the United States will recoil and quiver when they see an actual gun. The teaching of fear to children is perpetually degrading to their future.

Children should be taught about firearms just as much as adults. In other words, teaching them not to be afraid of firearms is like teaching them how to drive a car. Even though a car can be very deadly.

Knowing more about firearms safety than a ten-year-old American should know about how to use them and learning from others’ experience would make the idea of sleeping with a firearm under your pillow absurd. Consider finding another way to deal with intruders, perhaps by locking your front door, or taking an Ambien.

Why Do You Want To Sleep With A Gun Under Your Pillow?

You must first ask yourself why you want to sleep with a loaded gun in the first place? How safe is it for you to sleep? Are you worried about intruders breaking into your house?

You should know, I think. Your home might need to be fixed if you want to sleep better. Secure your windows and door strike plates with security film. Use backup electromagnetic locks to deadbolt the doors. The rooms and perimeter of your house can be monitored by a simple system that you can make yourself.

Control panels or tablets should be kept next to you on your nightstand in case uninvited guests show up. What is the typical time it takes you to wake up? Do you plan on fighting, fleeing, or freezing? Doesn’t it really depend on what you’re talking about?

After a night of partying, it may take some time for you to wake up. Awakening and taking life-and-death/serious injury decisions will take about 5-10 seconds, if not sooner.

You can live a better and more relaxed life if you’re prepared with plans and procedures. Moreover, consider the training and proficiency you will acquire in close quarters combat.

According to your question, you don’t seem to be comfortable around firearms, let alone sleeping with or on them. Avoid insecure areas if you fear for your life or go to microsleep if you cannot leave.

Where To Keep Your Gun While You Sleep?

Under your pillow is not the best place to stow your firearm. Your hands and fingers cannot be controlled while you are asleep. Having it between your mattress on your nightstand gun safe is a better option.

Dedicated bedside holsters are even better, as are under bed gun safes. A night of deep sleep also requires some recovery time for your mind, so you can make rational decisions in defensive situations. I assume you don’t want to shoot your children or your wife?

As a result, I utilize early warning systems. The system consists of two 100+ pound Rottweilers with hair triggers for their vocal cords. My time to assess the threat increases here, which allows me to wake up and act accordingly.

Those in the house should leave it alone if they are supposed to be there, otherwise, they have provided protection for a short time while the person recovers his senses. Dogs are built to alert you to threats and you don’t have to train them to do so. In the majority of cases, attacking must be trained.

Final Words

What do you think about sleeping with a hand grenade under your pillow? Guns and hand grenades are both intended to remain “safe” until they are deployed. Despite their good design, mechanical systems are prone to failure no matter how good the designs were.

There is a chance that every design may fail, but still, everything has the potential to fail.It won’t matter whether you feel lucky or unlucky to me, all that matters is how you feel.

Guns have very slim chances of malfunctioning, but these odds are not zero. For my part, I will pass it on. My bedside gun safe would also be a good spot for a holder, which would be just as useful if the need arises.

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