How To Move A Safe Up Stairs

How To Move A Safe Up Stairs?

Even if you know how to move a safe, moving your gun safe into your home can be challenging. You need to test your gun safe before bringing it into your home, especially if you are bringing it upstairs.

The fact that you have to go through a few steps to reach your front door makes things difficult. You may find it challenging to move a heavy safe for a few steps. Nevertheless, the process of moving your safe to the second floor of your house becomes more challenging and dangerous.

Professional movers are the best choice if you want the job done correctly. That can reduce your risk of injury, damage to your safe, and damage to your home.

However, we are aware that most of you will decide to move the safe on your own. For this reason, we have put together some tips for moving a gun safe upstairs.

It becomes even more difficult and dangerous to move to the second story of your home when there is an exterior staircase. Therefore, planning is essential.

How To Move A Gun Safe Upstairs?

The idea that moving a gun safe upstairs could be safer and easier is fascinating. To help you transport your safe up the staircase, you will use your durable dolly. It also provides the security you may need when you have to take a break.

Preparing For The Move

Attempting to move a safe across a room or upstairs on your own is never a good idea. You must put together a squad consisting of at least two strong assistants to help you. It is recommended that anyone who moves the safe wear heavy work gloves and close-toed shoes.

It is also important to know what dimensions and weight your safe has. You can choose the right moving equipment with this information. Moving your safe upstairs requires a heavy-duty dolly that you should either rent or purchase if you do not have one.

The process of transporting your safe upstairs can be made much easier if you choose an electric stair-climbing dolly. However, a dolly equipped with stair climbers, or a heavy-duty model could also be used.

You should make sure that the dolly you choose can handle the weight of your safe. It would also be a good idea to ensure that your stairs will be able to support the weight of the safe, you, and your helpers combined.

Ensure your safe is securely strapped to the dolly by using strong straps. As well as thick moving blankets, you will need moving pads to protect your safe.

The safe needs to be emptied before being moved. It would be ideal if you also removed the safe’s door, since this would reduce the weight you’re moving by nearly one-third.

Safety Tips On How To Move A Gun Safe Upstairs

In reality, moving a gun safe upstairs is not easy, and it requires a thorough understanding of personal safety. We’ll provide some safety tips in this section to help you move a gun safe upstairs if you don’t want to just keep it downstairs in your garage.

Firstly, you need to determine where the safe will be placed. Moving the safe will require the assistance of three friends who are trusted.

To secure the gun safe, wrap a ratchet strap around it. The dolly you need to bring must be heavy enough to carry this amount of weight.

Be aware that transferring a gun safe upstairs will be a risky task, so plan how you will do it safely. The following tips will help you move your gun safe upstairs safely:

  • Make sure you are aware of the sharp turns, narrow gaps, and bumps that are on the path before you move your dolly.
  • Make sure you and your helpers understand your goals so that there are no chances of injury or damage.
  • The contents of the safe should be removed, and you may be able to lighten the weight of the safe if the door can be detached.
  • A thick blanket should be placed over the gun safe, and the ratchet strap should be tightly wrapped around the dolly.
  • Put on gloves and protective clothing to better grip the dolly’s handle.
  • A dolly or hand truck that is heavy enough to handle the gun safe should be secured.
  • Take measurements of the safe’s dimensions and weight.

Know What You’re Dealing With

There are several differences between safes with respect to their weights, sizes, and locations before and after a move. In order to confront the challenge ahead, it is essential to understand exactly what your safe’s features are.

For example, while you can move your safe regardless of its brand and manufacturer, knowing its specific weight and dimensions will allow you to select the right moving equipment for your large safe.

How Much Weight Can A Second-Floor Bear?

Residential building standards in the United States call for 30 pounds per square foot. A simple way to say it is to imagine a room that has a 10-foot-by-10-foot area. In a 100-square-foot room, 3000 pounds of weight can be accommodated.

With a 500-pound gun safe and 200 pounds of your own weight, your total weight will be 700 pounds. Adding up the weight of your furniture and family members will add a lot of weight to the second floor. It is referred to as ‘live load.’

Between five and thirty years old, a two-by-ten floor joist is located every sixteen inches in a house structure. Every 12 inches, there are regular 2×4 beams supporting the walls. It is important to know that one 2×4 joist vertical stand can support weights up to 4000 pounds.

Additionally, under the floor, where trusses are installed, there are beams and supports that share the load. In order to spread the weight evenly on the floor, you need to know which way the floor joists run.

A gun safe and furniture in the middle of your room are too heavy for you to concentrate on. There is a danger that your house will suffer damage and collapse.

Steps To Follow On Moving Your Safe Upstairs

After you’ve completed all the preparation, you can move your safe. The following steps should be followed:

  • Make sure the moving blankets are securely wrapped around the safe.
  • Tip the safe over while you slide your dolly under it while it is tilted to one side.
  • Ensure that the straps are tightly wrapped around the safe and secured to the dolly to prevent movement.
  • Anchor bolts and door of the safe should be removed.
  • The dolly should be placed underneath the gun safe. The safe’s weight should be balanced against the dolly.
  • Don’t make sudden movements with the dolly. Keep your balance.
  • Pull the safe with momentum by bending your knees and holding the safe handle firmly.
  • To make sure the weight of the safe is evenly distributed on all four wheels, tilt the dolly back.
  • The safe should be wheeled slowly and carefully to your stairs.

If you use a non-stair-climbing dolly for moving your safe, you should have both of your helpers help move the dolly up the stairs one step at a time as you move the safe up the stairs.

Your assistants can help steady it as you use a motorized stair-climbing dolly.As you move the safe up the stairs, your assistants can help steady it as you use a motorized stair-climbing dolly.Be a hero and jump out of the way if the safe slips.

After reading this guide on how to move a gun safe upstairs, you’ll be able to do it more quickly and efficiently. Before you move a heavy safe, be sure to take the necessary safety precautions.

The best time to prepare for safety is before you become injured or damage your property. A gun safe should be handled with care and smartly when being transported upstairs.

Final Words

There is no doubt that moving a gun safe is tough. It can be difficult to move a gun safe if it weighs 100lbs to 1000lbs. Make sure that you consider the weight capacity of the second floor when you move a gun safe up there.

When moving a heavy gun safe upstairs, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines for moving a gun safe, or else you risk causing harm. To prevent injuries and damage to your property when moving your safe upstairs, plan effectively and safely.

You should be extra cautious when moving a safe, especially up a staircase, even when you know how to do it. So, I recommend you contact a professional mover via your local dealer in order to keep your items as safe as possible. Hopefully, you now have a clear idea on how to move a safe upstairs.

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