How to hide a gun safe in your garage

How To Hide A Gun Safe In Your Garage?

Gun safes come in different styles and sizes, and the most common way to contain guns is by using a gun safe. A gun safe is a must-have in any home with children or in case of an emergency.

In this article, you’ll learn how to conceal your firearm from prying eyes and how to save space with hidden storage solutions.

Many people have been looking for ways to hide a gun safe in their garage due to what is going on in the world today with mass shootings and other crimes involving guns.

Most of the time, the main reason for this is that many people are worried about having guns in the house. They don’t want to have them out where the kids can see them.

Is It Alright To Put Gun Safe In Garage?

Gun safes are generally safer when they are hidden or out of sight from someone coming into your home or garage. Many people put their gun safes in the garage, but is it a good idea?

Although many states are not too fond of this idea, the use of a garage as a hidden place for guns is becoming increasingly popular. It is because people are aware that their home or garage could be broken into at any time and that they should always have their weapon close by in case they need to protect themselves.

If someone breaks into your garage and takes your gun, you will be in a lot of trouble. Do not put a gun safe in a garage unless it is an extremely high-end safe with alarms and other mechanisms that make it difficult to break into.

Generally speaking, if you have a high-risk item that is worth more than $500, consider putting the item in the house.

If you already have a gun safe in your garage, then chances are that you want to keep it hidden. However, it is important to note that you should take care of the safety of your firearm by storing them in the correct way.

Hiding A Gun Safe In A Garage

Here are some effective ways you can hide your gun safe in your garage.

1. A Gun Safe Disguised As A Refrigerator

This is a great option if you’re looking for a way to conceal a fairly large gun safe. I don’t think it is the perfect solution, though for several reasons. I think a refrigerator attracts too much attention and activity when it’s in the garage.

If you have a lot of friends or family coming and going from your garage regularly, then that may be an issue for you. I don’t want to worry about kids or teens in the house finding and eating too much food, so I prefer to keep this refrigerator locked for their safety.

However, for those looking for a way to enjoy a lot of storage space in their garage without it being too loud, a refrigerator can be an excellent option.

While I used a refrigerator as an example, things like guitars or any other similar-sized item can be converted into a pocket gun safe. Gun owners are increasingly turning old soda vending machines into gun safes.

There is a niche trend for these, and many people ask for customization and paint jobs. I can understand where this machine could lead to a problem for the homeowner. It is a quick distraction during a break-in.

2. Cover The Safe With A Blanket

I’ll start by mentioning that this is not my personal favorite option, but it can be a good opportunity for hiding your firearm. If you want to keep your gun safely out of sight, blanket it with another item that is bulky & provides enough cover.

I don’t recommend using a soft, patterned blanket that you got from inside the house because that will draw suspicion. People might think it looks “out of place” for a couple of different reasons: 1) the color is different from the rest or 2) it has a picture on it.

Use some camping or car blankets that look like they belong in a garage. I’ve seen some people use insulation to conceal a gun safe in an old cardboard box. This is also a great option because you can wear the blanket or store it inside something that gives it more durability & portability.

3. Build A Cabinet Around The Safe

You don’t need to worry about your flooring deteriorating; there are many simple non-invasive DIY solutions you can use right now to keep your home looking great.

OK, the next tip is to actually build a cabinet around your investments. Enclosing your gun safe is a great option for making your safe look like just another work table in your garage.

It’ll definitely help you to ensure that all of the guns are easily accessible when they’re needed, and it’s also far easier for kids to be around them if they’re not hidden away in a storage unit!

This is a cheap solution because all you need is basic materials to build a simple but useful cabinet.

4. Keeping Ammo & Magazine Separate

It is important to keep ammunition & magazines handled separately, as they are extremely dangerous when mixed or improperly separated. Strategy is an important part of gun storage.

That’s why I recommend using ammo & magazines in different areas of the home. If someone breaks into your garage you won’t be warned in advance because one is hidden inside another.

The ideal setup is to have your magazines securely tucked away in a safe using one of the methods we covered above.

5. Use Hidden Gun Furniture

Concealment furniture is a great option for throwing off anyone who comes sniffing around in your garage. Gun-infused pieces of furniture look, well, like any other piece of furniture.

The only difference is that they contain hidden compartments designed to store guns. This makes it possible for homeowners to protect their families without having to leave their homes.

Is It Safe To Place Gun Safe In Hot Garage?

A gun safe is the best way to protect your firearms from thieves and intruders. These safes come in various sizes and shapes, but most of them are made of metal and hard plastic with a lid that locks tightly shut for safety.

Although it’s not recommended to keep guns in the garage due to the heat, if the temperature outside is too cold, then it may be necessary to store guns inside your garage – just make sure you have enough ventilation.

Many people store their gun safe in a garage that has a hot temperature because they believe the gun safe will be more protected from theft. However, it’s not actually as effective as previously thought.

The issue is that firearms are made from metal and the corrosion from the heat will make them rust over time. They can also crack and break.

The best option for storing your firearm is to purchase a separate, cooler garage or to store it in a safer location like an air-conditioned area of a house or a building with a basement or first-floor storage. It’s worth noting that this safe doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you can find great options out there for below $300.

Gun safes should not be stored in garages because they’re at risk for corrosion and theft by thieves who want to take advantage of people storing guns in high-risk areas.

If you have a gun safe and it gets too hot in the garage, it may warp and crack. That’s why many people place their gun safes in a cooler area of the house so they can’t get too warm.

Gun Safe In Garage Humidity

A gun safe in a garage is important for gun owners to ensure their guns are safe and secure. It is a common practice because it provides the best protection from theft and robbery. However, it’s important to store the gun safe in a dry place.

One of the main challenges that people face with a gun safe is humidity. They can end up rusting or corroding, which means replacing them every few years.

If you live in a humid climate, the gun safe in your garage might start corroding or losing its protective coating. It might also be difficult for you to find ammunition for your gun safe when you need it most.

If you keep your firearms in a gun safe, you will need to find a way for them to be safe from extreme temperatures and humidity changes. You can try finding a place with low humidity or make sure that the temperature inside is consistently low.

The best way to store your gun safe is in an area of low humidity levels. This is because high levels of humidity will cause corrosion on the metal. Plus, if the temperature fluctuates too much, the metal could be weakened over time.

It’s important to keep humidity below 40% and above 60% when storing a gun safe in a garage. If it’s too low, the paint on your garage door can peel off and rust will occur. If it’s too high, the humidity will cause corrosion on metal parts such as screws and bolts.

Final Words

If you don’t want anyone to know that there is a gun safe in the garage, then it would be best to keep it out of sight so that people think there’s nothing unusual about the garage.

At the end of the day, the goal is to make your firearm as invisible as possible by hiding it inside a safe in your garage. In order to fool anyone who enters through your garage door, you should make sure that there is no visible sign of firearms on the exterior of your home.

It goes without saying that even the dullest cardboard box or blanket will confuse even the most attentive potential thief while keeping your guns concealed.

Although you can get custom gun safes designed to stay hidden, the best option is to make sure your guns are stored in a safe at home or in a gun locker. This will not only keep your guns out of the main view but also prevent them from being stolen due to an unlocked door.  

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