How To Turn A Closet Into A Secure Gun Safe?

Are you concerned about the safety of your guns? Are you wondering where they should be hidden? It is probably not a good idea to have them hanging out directly in the open.

There may be a question of why use a closet when there are plenty of rooms and storage options? A closet is one of the best places to secure your possessions from theft and criminal trespasses, and unlike a garage or storage area, it is always located inside your room.

So, you have already pondered the question; how do you transform a closet into a gun safe? Well, that’s not very difficult. Let me show you how. What I am going to show you is a pretty straightforward process.

Additionally, storing your guns in your closet is a great way to save money. Let’s get started. Putting a small gun safe in a closet might be an excellent DIY renovation that you can do if you have a lot of guns and a large closet space.

In recent years, more and more gun owners have converted their closets into gun closets, or even simply installed a gun safe in their closet. It is possible to have a professional company complete it for you.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself. It is beneficial to build a gun closet for many reasons:

  • Space in your home does not need to be obstructed.
  • The gun closet is an attractive addition to a standard closet that increases the value of a home.
  • Gun safes can be hidden even if they are large.
  • You can keep your firearms in a convenient place.
  • Your firearms can be kept from prying eyes or criminals via a secret door.

What Does It Take To Make A Gun Safe Out Of A Closet?

You don’t need a lot of closet nightstand gun safe ideas in order to convert a closet into a weapon safe. You can ensure your home’s security with a secured door, a deadbolt, and a digital keypad lock. Yes, there is no limit to how many security features you can have. We’ll start with the process now.

Step 1: Closet Selection

This should be your first and most important step. Make your choice as to which closet space in your home can be converted into a gun closet. Some closets will not allow you to customize them fully.

Also, there is the issue of your plan for usage – the reason you wish to possess a firearm. Does it have to do with safety or an emergency situation?

You can convert a closet in your home into a gun closet by identifying which closet you want to do so. You will have to consider your intended use in making this decision. What about emergencies? Would these firearms be used as a result?

You may want to consider a closet in your bedroom, for example, so that it is easily accessible. Perhaps you are storing firearms for recreational purposes, in which case you might consider using a closet in another area of the house, where immediate access is less important.

In cases like this, where shooting firearms is a recreational activity, you may benefit from a larger closet in another part of the house – one where you’ll rarely need to get out.

Step 2: Updating The Closet Interior

Organizing your closet with clothing and household goods is probably what your home builder had in mind when he planned it. There are obviously different requirements when it comes to storing firearms.

 If you need more storage space, you’ll want to start by removing unnecessary features. Perhaps it would be best to remove the closet rod or small shelves because they wouldn’t be large enough to house your equipment.

It may be helpful to leave some of this behind (for instance, keeping hunting jackets inside may not be the best idea), so think carefully about how you plan to use them yourself.

Now that you have more space, you can think about what storage solutions your guns might need. A great way to organize your firearms is to install wall-mounted or freestanding gun racks. In addition to ammunition storage, other accessories should also be organized.

In some cases, portable gun safes will also be included in gun closets. Too many people, however, will opt to install a hidden door in the first place rather than this extra layer.

As an alternative, you might want to reinforce closet walls directly. If the walls are thick enough, they can provide additional resistance against forced entry or even be armored against weapons attacks by adding ballistic Kevlar panels.

Step 3: Installing A Secret Closet Door

Putting all the “good stuff” into one location makes it easier for criminals to steal your firearms – otherwise, you’re simply making their jobs more difficult. It is, fortunately, possible to completely secure your collection by using one of our secret doors.

The interior can be updated and organized along with all the firearms, but they are not invisible. Taking care of it is your responsibility. Simply put, without a secured door, all the firearms will be at the same place, making the job easier for criminals.

It is possible to buy a door made of wood, steel, or another material, among others. My recommendation is a wooden one that has a perfectly designed deadbolt and locks.

It’s an obvious requirement that the door must match your closet’s size. The money you spend would be in vain otherwise. Before you head to the store, be sure you have taken the proper measurements.

In order to increase your security, I recommend that you install a mirror door. This criminal can be deceived, and they can walk away empty-handed. A mirror door will make the bedroom seem more natural. In the situation when you can’t find a mirror door that meets your needs, a steel one with sufficient deadbolts is the best option.

Step 4: Setting Up Digital Keypad Lock

It might seem that now your firearms are secure and settled after all that. It would be nice to have a bit more security, though, wouldn’t it? Search online for digital keypad locks to increase security. Your security will be boosted.

Having a digital keypad eliminates the need for keys to unlock your doors. Oh, and guess what else? Criminals aren’t always as adept at picking a keypad lock as we thought. Thus, it’s an excellent investment.

The technology advanced from the old-fashioned keypads to one with different types of digital keys. Button ones or screen ones are available. You can have both for top-notch closet security.

Step 5: Fix An Alarm And Motion Detector

It makes sense to want to be notified if there is an unwanted breach, wouldn’t it? To address this concern, you may choose to install a motion sensor inside the closet. If the motion detector detects an accident occurring criminal trial in your closet, it will detect it as quickly as lightning.

If you don’t want to be notified, you will need to set an alarm that will ring your ears every time someone enters the closet without your permission.

Furthermore, you can get an alarm installed outside your house to increase security. In other words, your neighbor may also be able to notify you that something is wrong and get you some assistance.

As a matter of fact, an alarm that makes 130dB of sound would suffice. However, it depends on the choice you make.

You may want to know, “Can the closet be made fireproof?” If you have everything fixed in specific places, you can surely make your closet a cheap fire-rated gun safe without breaking the bank as well.

Final Thoughts

The best way to protect your valuables from theft is to convert a closet into a gun safe. This will save you money and relieve you from all the hassles of theft.

It’s no secret that guns are expensive; they also have a lot of security issues attached to them. No one will ever find out about them as long as you secure them into your gun closet safely.

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