How To Install & Hide A Gun Safe In A Closet

How To Install A Gun Safe In A Closet?

Safes for guns are probably your go-to method for protecting your valuables. To prevent this weaponry from falling into the wrong hands, invest in a gun safe specifically designed for storing guns. Safes are great.

However, to receive maximum protection, you should also place them in the right location. There are many aspects to a gun safe placement that will determine whether it will be useful or not.

With the right gun-safe location, you can enjoy better security without spending more.One of the best things a gun safe buyer can do after buying a safe is to not let anyone know they bought one.

 If you do just a little bit of research on gun safes, you might have heard this advice. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even put your safe inside a closet!

How you secure the safe will influence your choice of gun safe , so make sure you take this very first step before choosing one.

Gun safes should not be left out in the open, as you may not realize. Many gun owners believe that keeping their safes and cabinets within a certain area of their home provides additional protection.

What Makes the Closet a Good Location for a Gun Safe?

You can hide a gun in several places at home. In addition to the under the bed, closet, or inside the nightstand drawer, there are other places where it is possible to find it.

However, there is one thing that they all have in common; they are all in the bedroom. The room in which you keep your gun could make perfect sense for storing it. There is a good chance that if you are disturbed during the night by the sound of someone breaking in, you will be in bed.

It is convenient to hide in this bedroom hiding place since it is closest to you. Additionally, you can check out our favorite nightstand gun safes here. A nightstand drawer is probably only big enough for a small handgun safe and accessing a safe under the bed can be tricky.

A gun safe’s best location is in the closet.  In particular, this applies to wardrobes and closets found in places other than the bedroom and office. 

The biggest benefit of closet installations is that they provide side protection for gun safes, provided that they are bolted to the wall and can’t tip over. Because the gun safe is located on an exterior wall, it isn’t easy to see through the windows.

Additionally, it will keep you cooler if a fire breaks out against an exterior wall.With the closet door closed, the gun safe can be hidden when it’s closed, and if it can be locked, even better.

In addition to the walls on each side, the gun safe should be bolted down in order to prevent brute force attacks.Due to the way the gun safe door opens, a pry bar can’t get into it as long as it is bolted down.

Safes of reasonable sizes can generally be fitted in closets. It won’t be possible for anyone to detect the presence of guns inside if the doors are closed, and the doors are closed from the outside. When you need to have your firearms, you will be able to do so quickly and easily.

How To Hide Your Gun Safe In Your Closet?

Home closets make excellent hiding spots for safes. In the case of a nighttime security breach, the bedroom closet generally is seen as being the most effective. In addition to providing adequate space for concealing a gun safe of even average size, closets usually have doors to allow you to block the safe from view.

There are a few ways you can hide your gun safe. Clothing or blankets can be used to cover it, a door can be used behind it, or a shelving unit can surround it. Your gun safe will be hidden in a way that depends on your priorities.

Convenient access must be weighed against the security of its visual presence from unauthorized visitors. In addition to keeping your firearms inside a safe in case of an intruder, you should make it exceedingly hard for a criminal to find and open the safe. Closets are sometimes used to store guns directly, without a safe as well.

When you intend to use your safe for smaller guns such as pistols and handguns, or if you are planning to use it for anything other than handguns, most people secure the safe to either a wall or the floor of your closet.

Your gun safe can be disguised however you like. To begin with, you’ll need to choose a gun safe that will offer you the most protection. We have reviewed a variety of gun safes, so we are sure to have one that is just right for you, no matter where you choose.

How To Install A Safe In A Closet?

It’s possible to install a safe into a closet in two different ways: the traditional and modular ways.

The Normal Way

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to choose the right-sized safe before installing one in your closet. When you decide to put a large safe in the closet, you will obviously run into a couple of problems. To ensure the safe will fit properly, measure the closet doorway 2-3 times.

You will need a piece of cardboard the size of the safe’s exterior bottom (including the handle) to simulate the opening and closing of the safe.

You need to think about how you will move your safe into your home before you purchase the safe. A moving company is a good option as they are licensed and insured (if you choose the right one); otherwise, find out if you can move it yourself and how.

Purchase a safe. The item will be delivered to your curbside if you did not hire a moving company; you will have to pick up the item from there, as described in steps 2 and 3.

You can easily slide the safe into the closet and maximize your gun safe once it’s in your home if you did everything right. Occasionally, then can be slid straight in, while other times, it may have to be slid into an angle and straightened out.

Attach the safe to the floor with bolts. Even though the safe may be secured on three sides, it can still be removed from the house just like you brought it in. Hence, it should be bolted to the ground in order not to be moved.

The Modular Safe Way

A modular gun safe would make it easier to install a gun safe in a closet if I were doing it myself.

Within the closet itself, these safes can be built in pieces. You begin by attaching the base and then add walls, ceilings, doors, and safe interiors.

Having a safe in your house means you don’t have to lug it around. As an alternative, you can remove it in pieces and then reinstall it in pieces.

Why You Should Hide Your Gun Safe?

If your gun safe is attractive or convenient, or if you want to prioritize convenience, you might be tempted to leave it in plain sight but doing so can increase safety risks to you and your family.

An inexpensive gun safe will alert any intruder that you have weapons, or perhaps other valuables, in your home. It is possible to break into a gun safe no matter how secure it may seem.

Your guns could be taken and used against you if they do so. On the other hand, hiding gun safes gives you the advantage of surprising an intruder.

You will gain an advantage if you can keep your gun safe out of sight but can quickly access it in an emergency.The person who breaks into your home might never be face-to-face with you. In any case, it is a good idea to hide your gun safe.

If you are worried about your kids trying to break into the safe when you’re not around or if a friend or residential worker takes too much interest in your safe, hide it out of sight to prevent loss and improve overall safety.

It doesn’t hurt to build in a little extra protection, even if you know where your firearms are secured. Approximately 36% of children know where their parents keep unsecured firearms.

Final Words

The feeling of storing your firearms in a gun safe is wonderful. Of course, the safe will delight you, but do you want to go that extra mile to give an extra layer of security?

Figuring out how to hide a safe in a closet is a popular move. Also, please feel free to browse our buying guides to help you make an informed decision on things such as choosing the right safe, things to consider w

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