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Where To Keep Gun For Home Defense?

Once you have made the decision to have a firearm in your home for the defense of yourself and your family in the worst-case scenario, one of the first things you will have to deal with is where you are going to stage that firearm.

In the event of a home invasion, having a weapon available in any room is crucial to securing your home and protecting your family.  If you have more than one weapon, you should keep at least one on each floor. In my opinion, this is the best way to stage your weapons.

Do not make it obvious where to put them. Also, keep them somewhere only you can find them. You do not want the intruder to find your firearm in case they aren’t armed. Also, put them in somewhat of a trail to your safe room.

In this article, I’m going to show you a couple of different options for staging your guns for home defense. There are a lot of options, and if you have multiple firearms, you might even be able to keep guns for home defense in multiple places in your home.

Places To Keep Gun For Home Defense

The consideration for your emergency plan, your tactics, and even for the viability of being able to use the firearm all revolve around you thinking about the layout of your home, the likely movement of an attacker, and the likely places that you are going to be.

So, we are going to go and look at a bunch of places/options inside a typical house. Let’s start off with the most commonplace.

1. In The Kitchen

Now, if someone comes in through the entryway or if they force their way in, regardless of where you are at the time that happened, and that may very well be the kitchen. Of course, we know that a lot of people in the kitchen because this is a very common area.

So, the entryway would be the first corner where you would engage the intruder or become aware of that person. Or, if you are hiding from the person, the first place where you should keep a quick access portable gun safe is in the kitchen drawer.

This will allow you to quickly grab your handgun while also being alert about the intruder. You can continue to move away or defend yourself if you need to.

2. In a Drawer

Put the gun back in the safe for a moment. Let’s first and foremost talk about one important consideration of storing a firearm in the home. Are you going to keep it secured? Are you going to keep it in a compact budget friendly gun safe?

Or, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access inside of your home because maybe there are no kids, or you live alone. In fact, what you can do is have a firearm that is not secured and is more easily accessible.

Perhaps you won’t need to keep a firearm inside the handgun safe in a drawer but simply placed inside a holster inside of a drawer ready to go. You may keep it loaded or unloaded.

3. In The Couch

Yes, the couch. Let’s just say you are sitting on a couch and watching a movie. You can keep an entire shotgun behind the couch should you need it in a worst-case scenario. However, you can only keep such a large firearm if you live alone and don’t have any kids.

4. In The Bedroom

Your bedroom is probably also a place that you are going to be spending a lot of time. Especially at night, you will probably be in your bed if you aren’t a night owl. When you are lying in your bed, you want to have quick access to a firearm.

You can keep your handgun inside a nightstand gun safe. Additionally, you can also attach a bed holster to your bed. These types of holsters are designed to hold a lot of things at once, including a handgun. You can also find holsters that can hold a whole bunch of different firearms.

These holsters allow you to access your gun quickly and easily in the event of a break-in while sleeping. If you are under the bed covers, you won’t have to move it out of the way before you reach down for it.

5. In The Closet/Behind Bedroom Doors

Also, the bedroom area is probably going to be your last barricade area. There may be two or three doors in the room. If you can get your family members behind any of the doors, the door is going to be your last defense.

At your last defense, you might want to have a very capable long gun that you are going to use to defend and protect yourself or others. It may be staged with ammunition or without. Of course, if it is without ammunition, you might want to consider keeping the bullets close by and easily accessible.

6. In A Closet

Also, you can install two hooks on the inside of the closet. Makes sure it is just above the door. This will help keep a long gun out of sight. It will also help keep your gun out of reach of young children while making it easily accessible. However, you will have to be tall enough to reach it.

Final Words

Ultimately, where you keep your firearm is up to you, up to your family, and to make sure that the gun is in the right place and also ensure that place is a responsible place for the weapon to be. These are the most effective places to keep a gun for home defense.

However, I’ve saved the best place for the last. My preferred method is to keep a gun on my belt. Ultimately, this is the place you can keep a gun all the time at the ready, loaded/unloaded. The decision you make is incredibly important. Think about it.

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