How To Hide A Gun In Your Bedroom

How To Hide A Gun In Your Bedroom?

The average person spends more than a third of the time in their bedrooms. To keep your firearm secure and effective, you must keep it close to where you sleep.

You might wonder why you even own a gun if you cannot access it quickly if you are responsible gun owner. Could your bedroom provide a safe hiding place for your firearm?

Depending on whether you own a gun long-term, or whether your neighborhood has frequent invasions, the answer is yes. A number of break-ins have been reported throughout the years. As sleep is the most vulnerable state of being, you can agree with me.

To be prepared to respond rapidly when you and your family are no longer safe at home, it is a wise idea to have your gun in your bedroom at your fingertips.

The purpose of this article is to discuss how to hide a gun in a bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Ways To Hide A Gun In Your Bedroom

When it comes to firearms, the best place to secure them is inside a gun safe that is bolted down. Many people cannot install a gun safe on their homes or be away from one while traveling.

When this is the case, hiding a firearm in plain sight may be the best option, and today we’ll show you where you can hide your weapon.

1. Mirror Gun Safe

Mirror gun safes look like mirrors but have a concealed compartment for a gun. In most cases, it completely covers the mirror. This method of concealing guns is often overlooked. You can hide not only your weapons in them, but also valuable items that you think are important.

2. Stealth Dresser

Stealth dressers are very similar to nightstands. For a variety of reasons, it is considered the best method. This method stands out simply because it is so large. Therefore, you never run out of storage space. The use of a dresser with a concealed gun feature should be considered.

It depends on your situation whether it makes sense or not. Burglars often steal dressers from homes. It takes only a few minutes to do this. You won’t see the notorious thieves again after they rob you. The reason it’s viewed as an excellent hiding place for a pistol is as a result of that fact.

3. Stealth Nightstand

Guns are often hidden in these places as it is the most popular choice. A handgun is best concealed in the bedroom using this method. As you spend most of your time in your bedroom, you may already be aware that your nightstand should always be near your bed.

Your firearm must be accessed within seconds in the event of an emergency. The odds are that when you need your gun, you’ll find it on your nightstand safe. With your nightstand right next to your bed, grabbing your pistol will be a breeze.

Additionally, nightstands come with numerous security locks, although the level of security you require depends on your desires. As an added bonus, nightstands have secret compartments for guns.

4. Keep Your Gun Hidden Inside The Bedframe

As you can see, this method is quite similar to how you would install gun magnets on the side of the bed. Your gun should not be kept outside your bed. Under the bedframe is the best place to keep it.

An important part of installing the gun magnet is on the inner bed frame’s bottom edge. There is a firearm under the bed that you will have to access. If the gun is placed too high on the bed frame, your wrist might not be able to access it.

Having the gun handle sticking out of the bed frame is another reliable fix. Guns can now be accessed with ease thanks to this design.

5. Hide Your Firearm Under The Bed

Whenever someone asks how to keep a gun hidden in their bedroom, this is the first idea they have. Your monsters will be safe under the bed. A magnetic mounting for your gun can be attached to the wooden panels beneath your bed.

Your bed has a lot of space under it. You will be able to conceal your gun completely. There are numerous options available to you in this situation. Gun magnets are an increasingly popular safety measure nowadays among most people.

Keeping a gun holster underneath will be better when it comes to a handgun. The gun can be pulled off the magnet into your hands at any time. If this is the case, the gun mount needs to be installed closer to your side of the bed.

A roll-off the bed into the ground is an easy solution in case of an emergency. If you want to place your gun near the edge, you should do so.

Picking it up faster is made possible by this. You need to keep in mind that every second counts. Keeping your gun hidden in your bedroom is a crucial activity you must never forget.

6. Mounted Behind Bedside Tables

You will need to install the magnet behind the bedside table on the wall. Under your bedside table, attach the magnet. This is done to prevent the gun from being seen. The gun will be accessible behind the table in case of an emergency. The gun can be taken from there.

7. Guns Can Be Mounted Under Bedside Tables

In a similar way, the bedside table can serve as a hiding place for the gun. The table is aligned with the bed, as you can attest. Under your bedside table, you will find a gun just seconds away. You’ll never find a more reliable way in your lifetime.

8. Keep Your Gun On The Bedside Table

I think we can all agree that past is the era when alarm clocks were kept on bedside tables. Your head is less aligned with the bedside table. That’s why gun magnets are recommended for attachment to it. Your firearm will be easy to access once you do this.

What if your bedside table was lighter? You may end up pulling the table along with your gun if you take it from its magnetic mounting. If this happens again, what can be done to prevent it? You can twist your wrist a little. You can then remove the gun from the magnet using this method.

Keeping a gun trigger lock on the gun for safety reasons with this option is imperative though to ensure no false triggers.

9. Placing A Gun On The Headboard

For the last couple of years, headboard bedside gun holsters have become increasingly popular. Among most gun owners looking for an easy way to easily access their rifles from bed, the headboard has emerged as a common accessory.

However, its downside is that it is bulkier and more cumbersome. In addition, your firearms will be difficult to access. The magnetic gun mounts on your headboard will allow you to make it more discrete. Accessible, without a doubt.

Choose a spot that is convenient for you to reach. Attaching the gun magnet to your normal sleeping position is the best place for you to have easy access to your firearm. The gun mount should be installed on the headboard lower. The gun can be reached under the pillow.

10. Other Places To Stash Your Firearms

The places listed here, while most seem obvious, many are hidden places thieves may never consider. The best security is just buying time and hiding a safe from view may be the best solution in some cases; just be aware of the implications if there are children around. Most of them will need to be reconsidered if so.

  • A decorative tapestry hung behind a blanket or rug.
  • It can be hung upside down under the bathroom cabinet or above a door in a closet without a walk-in.
  • Hidden in the pantry inside a cereal box.
  • The inside of a fake electrical outlet.
  • In a bedside drawer under a false bottom.
  • A hook backed holster can be attached to the inside of a steel or solid core wood entryway without glass openings
  • If you’re looking for something for your desk, consider keeping a scanner without internals. A handgun can be removed by lifting up the top.
  • If you wish to keep a small to medium handgun in a safe that opens up, consider using a Wall Clock Safe. The clock is also functional, which is a bonus.

Final Words

These installations cannot all be implemented at the same time. Furthermore, there is no need for it. It is important to keep in mind that some of these methods might not work for you, depending on your bed frame style.

You can secure your firearms with the methods outlined above, however. In the future, we hope you will find this detailed article useful.

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