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Best Gun Trigger Lock In 2022 – Reviews & Comparison

Gun owners are always concerned with ensuring the security of their weapons. It is dangerous to keep the gun in plain sight. If you own even one firearm, you should not take gun safety lightly. If you’re looking for the best gun trigger lock on the market, keep reading this article to learn more.

Guns must always be handled with care, and you are responsible for what happens to them. Whether you purchased the firearm for self-defense or simply to show off, it does not matter.

The gun is not safe even if kept unloaded, as intruders can easily access it if it is unlocked. Having kids in the house increases the danger even more. Investing in a gun safe might be a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, gun safes are quite costly, and it’s not realistic to expect everyone to have the means to afford one. You may also want to consider investing in the best gun trigger lock to solve this issue.

Although this is not the same as having your weapons locked inside a security vault, it is a good compromise. As a result, you can protect your weapons cheaply and easily if you cannot afford to invest in a safe right now.

The trigger of your gun can be locked with this handy tool, helping you keep it in your possession and prevent others from opening and using it. If you are on a tight budget, this can be an alternative.  In addition, they’re light in weight and very easy to handle.

Depending on the gun lock you use, you can improve gun security significantly, ensuring that no one but you can use it. Trigger locks can be quickly attached and removed from guns without requiring the gun to be kept in a case, cabinet, or safe.

Top 5 Best Trigger Locks Reviews

You need to invest in the right trigger lock if you want to prevent unauthorized users from using your weapon. This is where we can help. The following are a few of our favorite trigger locks for guns you can purchase right now.

1. Master Lock 3-Digit Combination Gun Lock – Best Overall Gun Trigger Lock

Master Lock 3-Digit Combination Gun Lock - Best Overall Gun Trigger Lock

Master Lock has become a go-to brand in the market for trigger locks, and their 94DSPT Trigger Lock is among their most popular models. To make sure you get the most out of your purchase; the product comes with a high-quality build. This product is exceptionally affordable despite its outstanding features.

The 94DSPT Trigger-Lock uses a three-digit combination, and it is easy to set and reset. It is made of steel and zinc. A combination lock eliminates the need to keep track of keys. Moreover, you are not required to get multiple sets of keys for different people.

Unlike modern guns, it uses an old-fashioned combination locking system of three digits. Even if the gun falls into the hands of a burglar or a child, this time-tested system will keep the trigger locked. It’s unlikely that the perpetrator will guess the combination.

The lock can be adjusted for a secure fit on most handguns, rifles, and shotguns using the included ratchet. Also, the excellent construction of the unit contributes to its obscurity.

As a result of the combination of zinc and steel, the device is solid. This lock features a positive locking mechanism and a padded rear to prevent your guns from being scratched by the gun lock. Therefore, compatibility should not be a big problem with this gun trigger lock.


  • Combination locks are an excellent security feature
  • The ratchet can be adjusted to the perfect fit
  • The interior of the case is protected from scratching by rubber pads
  • A lockpick resistant design


  • Suitable for handguns but not for shotguns

2. Master Lock Keyed-Alike Gun Locks – Best Keyed Gun Trigger Lock

Master Lock Keyed-Alike Gun Locks

We will discuss another option of Master Lock following our discussion of the previous one. If you want to secure more than one gun, then this is a great convenience. In addition, if you use a different locking system, you won’t be able to give people access to some guns and not others.

Master Lock 90TRISPT Keyed Trigger Locks come in packs of two or three, and each lock is keyed alike, making it possible to unlock both locks using one key. Upon purchase, you will receive two keys that are keyed to the unit.

This lock has the same capabilities as the Master Lock 94DSPT Trigger Lock, which can be used on various rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Though the lock on this unit is not quite up to modern standards, the quality is still quite good. As far as build quality goes, this brand can really be trusted.

This unit uses a high-quality keyed lock instead of a combination locking mechanism. The lockset comes with two keys, both of which open all three locks. When you need to access your guns quickly, you don’t need to worry about mixing up the keys.

In addition, the internal cushioning of this unit will ensure that the cosmetic integrity of your weapons will not be compromised. It ensures a snug fit on whatever weapon you’re using, thanks to its adjustable ratchet. You could choose this trigger lock if you have a tight budget.


  • The ratchet is adjustable to fit any size
  • Four-pin tumbler cylinder with a key
  • The back is padded, and the width can be adjusted
  • The construction and durability are excellent


  • Unlocking isn’t very quick

3. Zore X Core Series Gun Lock for Fast Unlocking – Best Quick Gun Trigger Lock

Zore X Core Series Gun Lock for Fast Unlocking

The X Core Series 9MM 9X19 gun lock by Zore is ideal for people who need quick and easy access to their firearms. The lock is patented and has a unique design. When it comes to keeping guns away from unauthorized persons, this unit is the best choice.

It also features a unique locking mechanism with a patent that can increase the unit’s security and its access time. People who want to keep their guns ready at all times will find this trigger lock a great choice. The mechanical lock is RAPIdial locking, a patented technology. As opposed to digits, the dial counts click instead.

The idea is pretty simple if you think about it. This product stands out from the rest due to the focus they gave to it and how they used it. The lock unlocks as soon as you cranked the gun, and when you let go of the trigger, it instantly pops off.

This gives you a fully functional and loaded firearm. Every time you rotate a step, the unit’s dial moves in either direction or clicks. You simply need to enter the right number of clicks in either direction you set up previously to activate the gun.

The California Department of Justice has approved the trigger lock. The lock falls off the firearm as soon as you cock it, allowing you to use it. However, an unauthorized person will be prevented from loading a bullet into the chamber if they attempt to input the wrong clicks.


  • With correct input, the lock automatically pops off
  • Approximately 3400 locks and unlocks on a single battery charge.
  • Gun access at your fingertips
  • Suitable for use when visibility is zero


  • You have to get used to it

4. IDENTILOCK Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock – Best Biometric Gun Trigger Lock

IDENTILOCK Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock

A biometric trigger lock like this is one of the few options available at this time. With Identilock, the trigger area is covered by a clamshell-style design. It might be a good idea to go with something a little more traditional if you want to avoid the different design of the Zore gun lock but still want quick access.

With IDENTILOCK’s biometric gun lock, you can unlock your weapon in little to no time, with less hassle. Trigger locks are for gun owners who want to access their guns quickly and easily. Biometrics are used in the product to ensure keyless access.

In addition to a modern design, this IDENTILOCK unit provides a release time of about three seconds, making it among the fastest on the market. Gun locks like this one feature fast and responsive scanners that are simple to operate.

Up to three fingerprints can be stored in the scanner’s database, and any one of them can access the firearm. You can also assign it to three fingers on your hand so that you can access it effortlessly. On the right side of the device is a fingerprint scanner, and it is made of polycarbonate.

While holding the gun, you can use this. In one sense, Identilock is not a left-handed-friendly device due to its fingerprint scanner’s position. In contrast to traditional locks, this gun lock opens much faster. Furthermore, you’re saving time since the gun cannot be gripped during unlocking.


  • Opening time is about 300 milliseconds
  • There is a capacity for storing three fingerprints with Identilock
  • From any angle, it can read those three prints
  • A secondary keying system is used to lock it


  • It’s less versatile than traditional trigger locks.

5. Etronic Gun Lock G7K Keyed Gun Trigger Lock – Best Value Gun Trigger Lock

Etronic Gun Lock G7K Keyed Gun Trigger Lock

Our last review of the day will be of the G7K trigger lock made by Etronic. In addition to its low price, it features an easy-to-use design and a simple interface. Our simplest product might sound simple, but it’s one you shouldn’t ignore.

It is highly accessible for anyone on a budget because it is available at an affordable price range. While it’s a low-cost product, it’s chocked full of nifty features that deserve a spot on this list. This unit has a simple locking mechanism.

Essentially, what you get is an easy lock and a set of keys. In addition, the lock is highly tamper-resistant due to its tumbler cylinder. Someone who thinks they can steal your gun by picking the lock is in for a big surprise. This gun lock is highly pick-resistant, thanks to its tumbler.

As far as construction goes, it uses zinc and steel, just like most high-end gun trigger locks. Manufacturers spared no compromises when it came to materials and build quality despite the lower price tag. This lock is also highly appealing because of its low-profile design.

Its interior is covered by cushioned rubber pads that prevent cosmetic damage like scratching and rusting. You really cannot complain about the padding at this price range, even though it could be better. Additionally, it is compatible with a range of firearms due to its adjustable ratchet.


  • Compatibility with many different weapons
  • Lightweight, durable, and compact
  • Robust and resistant to picking and tampering
  • A tight fit can be achieved with the adjustable ratchet.


  • Padding needs improvement.

Picking The Best Gun Lock | A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

Not all trigger locks are created equal. There are a lot of components in these small units, so it’s impossible to check them all.

In any case, committing to a purchase should not be taken lightly. You can gain a more accurate idea of which product fits your needs by considering these elements.

What is a Trigger Lock?

Trigger locks let you safely store your gun in cases and cabinets when you can’t put it in a gun safe. A trigger lock is usually a two-piece lock that fits over the gun’s trigger and trigger guard to protect the trigger from accidental finger contact. The little effort they require provides a lot of security.

When choosing the most suitable gun trigger lock for your firearms, here are a few things to consider. Considering the benefits of this nifty tool beforehand; it would be wise to examine a few of them.

However, it’s important to know that it cannot give you the same level of security that a gun safe can. Even if you own a gun safe, it does have a few good advantages worth considering.

Advantages of Gun Trigger Locks

It makes sense why trigger locks are popular. The Project ChildSafe initiative, which promotes gun safety, offers inexpensive trigger locks and free ones in some regions.

Trigger locks can be quickly put on and removed from a gun without requiring it to be locked up in a case, cabinet, or safe. It has very little weight or bulk, and it’s easy to use. They are also very portable.

You can also benefit from a trigger lock for guns in the following ways.

Portable And Lightweight

Gun trigger locks are also very lightweight, so your firearm doesn’t gain any weight. As a result, it provides you with the best option when planning to drive for a long distance. The next best thing to keep your weapons safe while traveling is a trigger lock if you don’t have a portable gun safe for a car.

Easy To Use And Compact Design

As well as being extremely compact, gun trigger locks occupy very little space in your room. You can even hide some of the trigger locks inside your holster while your weapon is still in use. If you travel with weapons, this is highly convenient.

Furthermore, using it is simple. Power tools aren’t necessary, and sometimes, it’s not even necessary to use screws. A gun trigger lock is the most accessible and most effective way to ensure the safety of your pistol.

Easy And Quick Access

In addition to being easy to use, gun trigger locks also excel in quick and easy accessibility. It is impossible to get to your gun in a stressful situation unless you stand in front of the safe. You can keep your weapon nearby without compromising security, however, with a gun lock.

The simplicity of the locks typically found in these units allows you to access your firearm quite a bit faster than in a gun safe. Some gun locks let you unlock it with just one hand, while others use keypads or mechanical locks.


Gun trigger locks are known for their low price, by far their most significant advantage. The cost of gun safes is not precisely unfair considering all the benefits they provide. However, if you are on a tight budget, this product will not be affordable regardless of how worried you are about security.

If this is the case, you might consider a gun lock. With a single handgun and pistol trigger lock, you can easily lock up your weapon without spending a fortune, even if you can’t lock up multiple pistols or guns simultaneously.

What is the point of using anything else, then?

Disadvantages Of Gun Trigger Locks

It’s not all good news with trigger locks. As one example, trigger locks shouldn’t be used on loaded weapons.

Loaded Gun

Another issue with this trigger lock is you should never use it with a loaded gun. This is especially true if you are inexperienced with it.It is always possible to accidentally deactivate or activate the gun lock’s locking mechanism when trying to activate the latch.

There is far too much space between the bar connecting two sides of the lock and the trigger.  While putting or taking off the lock on the gun, the trigger can be easily reached.When the gun lock is on the gun, it is possible to accidentally discharge if it is jostled or if too much pressure is applied.


You must remember that a trigger lock will not provide the same level of security as a gun safe. Even though they offer a decent amount of security, you can quickly lose your guns if you do not observe them.

In addition, trigger locks are less secure than gun safes or locked cases for storing firearms. Picking or drilling through their locks is possible, as well as just prying them open with a screwdriver.  

It is also possible to use a single key on many different locks, even if their keys are supposed to differ. The trigger lock should not be used as a home defense weapon security method because of the above reasons.  As an alternative, invest in a quick access pistol safe.

What to look for in a Quality Gun Trigger Lock?

Trigger locking systems are as diverse as true gun safes rather than using key locks, combination locks, cable locks, or biometric technology. When it comes to trigger locks, here are some things to keep in mind.

Compatibility With Weapons

Since these types of gun locks often work with a wide variety of weapons, compatibility with these is not a big issue. The trigger lock for a gun is not universal, so you must also keep that in mind.

If you fail to check beforehand, you might end up with an unlucky model that won’t work with a particular gun. Buying a trigger lock is always a wise decision once you’ve checked which guns it is compatible with.


Another major concern with these locks is their durability. It must be able to withstand abuse. It’s easy for people to get access to your guns if the gun lock breaks easily. When you want your trigger lock to survive against blunt force, it has to be built well.

You will need a steel structure combined with zinc or another alloy. Some cheap knockoff brands in the market make their trigger locks out of plastic, even though they are often built like a tank. It’s a bad idea to trust those units with your firearm’s security.

Locking Mechanism

Keyed locks are the most common type of trigger lock. The ones that can be locked and unlocked using a physical key. There are also combination locks similar to the ones your gym locker was equipped with oh so long ago.

Almost instant entry is possible with biometric locks, which utilize your fingerprint. Our recommendations consist of these three variations.

1. Combination Locks

A combination lock faces a different problem. There is no risk in losing the key, and you can theoretically always open the lock. As the combination must be remembered otherwise, you will need to see open your trigger lock to access your firearm.

2. Keyed Locks

You will never forget the combination in a tense situation because keyed locks don’t require a variety of rotating dials. Trigger locks that operate by using keys can thus sometimes be accessed and unlocked quickly.

In any case, there is always the risk of losing your key. Generally speaking, quick access gun safes (with simple buttons or a biometric scanner) will make it easier for you to reach your firearm quickly.

3. Biometric Locks

Locks with biometric sensors provide the fastest entry because you simply hold your fingers against the scanner. Many nightstand safes come with these mechanisms, so you do not have to fumble with keys during an emergency.

In addition, they cannot be opened without batteries, which is a downside. You can’t use the scanner if you forget to charge it. Physical backup keys are available with biometric locks, so you aren’t 100% screwed, but it indeed negates the benefits.

It depends significantly on your preference & use case to choose the right option for you: all three can be good choices.


Trigger locks are popular with many people because they’re convenient and allow you to store your guns without much hassle safely.

Hunting guns must be kept secure but mobile in transit so that they can be used safely.

Manufacturers offer many gun-lock styles that are very similar in their form and function. In addition, different security levels are defined differently.

The rating systems of some locks can be proprietary, making it hard to decide which ones are comparable. There are other options besides just following the name of a brand or its price.

Trigger locks are no different from other firearm accessories in that you need to focus on a few primary considerations to determine whether they’re worth your time and money.

Additional Features

Additional security features are also an essential factor to consider. You can gain even more enjoyment from your investment with these features that increase security and sturdiness. A simple adjustable ratchet might be all you need to help your weapon fit snugly.

Other tamper-proof models feature an auto-lock mechanism and a tumbler cylinder. By using these features, your gun will protect itself if unauthorized people try to use it. You can boost your product’s value by including a few of these features.

Gun trigger locks offer too many advantages to pass up if you are ardent about guns. Hence, many people go for this tool regardless of having a gun safe as an additional layer of protection. You can never be too safe when it comes to the security of your firearms.

Key Takeaways

There are various types of gun trigger locks, from devices that fit over the trigger to lockboxes designed specifically for firearms. Boxes that are fire-resistant and tamper-proof are extremely heavy, so teens cannot move or access them.

Gun safes are considered to be the only safe way to store firearms in many areas. To restrict access from minors, a trigger lock must be strong, have a strong lock, and be properly used in order to be effective.
Shotguns, handguns, and rifles can, however, be prevented from misfiring with a fully functional trigger lock.

By using these devices and locking them properly, curious children are unable to pull the trigger with their fingers. There is a combination or a key for restricting access to a trigger locking device. It’s a best practice to keep weapons out of the reach of minors – even when you have the best gun lock for home defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to lock guns?

Certainly not. A trigger lock law was never accepted by Congress, despite President Clinton’s efforts to pass it.

There is no legal requirement that you lock your guns. For the safety and security of your family, as a responsible firearm owner, it should be installed in your weapons.

If I have a gun safe, do I need a gun lock?

Most of the time, it depends on you. You need a gun trigger lock regardless of whether you own a gun safe. When it comes to gun safety, people who can afford it tend to get both units.

Even if you lose access to your gun safe, you cannot be attacked with it if you keep your guns under a trigger lock. Like that, people can simply take your gun without your knowledge if it is lying around in the open, even if it has a trigger lock.

How effective are gun locks at preventing accidents?

Gun locks indeed prevent accidental discharges quite effectively. When your gun trigger is locked, it cannot be accidentally fired. Even when your home is locked up, you should never keep a loaded gun inside. You would be negligent if you did that.

Is it possible to cut trigger locks with bolt cutters?

It certainly can. Gun trigger locks are not as secure or safe as gun safes. You will be protected immediately in case of blunt force or impact damage.

However, bolt cutters are too powerful for gun locks, as the pressure is too great. You can still find a few high-end models that provide cutting resistance, but they will likely be more expensive.

Final Words

Gun storage should be safe and secure to prevent accidental shootings. Owning a firearm entails specific responsibilities. In addition to locking your guns, you should also store them in cases, safes, and trigger locks.

While all of these locks can help secure your gun, I recommend the ZORE X Core to be used on a home defense gun; since it won’t interfere with the trigger, it is also suitable for use while the gun is loaded.

Firearm trigger locks provide an additional layer of protection to guns quickly and efficiently. An automatic trigger lock is a wonderful investment if you want to keep your firearms out of the hands of children or burglars.

Our comprehensive guide to the best gun trigger lock is hoped to have been informative. Hopefully, now that you know these facts, you can make a valid purchase without having to worry about purchasing a faulty product.

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