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Best Universal Sight Pusher In 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Universal sight pusher tools are designed to work on all sight types. Although gun owners will tell you to use a specific sight pusher tool for each sight, I don’t think that’s very economical.

If you own a lot of guns and gun sights and want to change out or upgrade the factory sights, it’s not very economical to invest in a specific sight pusher tool for each gun/sight. The cost for each of the tools will easily burn a hole in your pocket.

What you need is the best universal sight pusher tool. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket, these sight-pushing tools can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

A gunsmith can work on your slide, but the cost can quickly add up, and they may not always be able to achieve the best results to suit your shooting style.

Top 5 Best Universal Sight Pushers

Here are my reviews of some of the best universal handgun sight pusher tools on the market that will work on both front and rear sights on most handguns with ease.  

1. NcSTAR Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool – Best Pistol Sight Tool

NcSTAR Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool

Kicking things off with an amazing sight pushing tool from NcSTAR, and it’s a heavy-duty rear sight tool. This NcSTAR sight pusher tool is ideal for installing dovetailed rear sights on pistols. Changing or adjusting the sight on a Glock requires a durable tool. The blue anodized aluminum frame is heavy duty and also gives this tool a nice appearance.

When it comes to making adjustments or customizations, guns are heavy-duty on their own, so you’ll need a tool that has some of the same qualities. It is tough, designed to work well with a wide variety of sights, and can be used anywhere. Smooth-surfaced large screws are ideal for precise work.

All you need to do to make sight adjustments with this tool is lube it up, set up the pushing mechanism, and get started. This enables you to push your sights quickly and conveniently, regardless of whether you are doing it to make adjustments or if you are customizing your gun.

Even though it can be used for both rear and front sights, it is a little tricky to use this tool for front sights, so you may have to put in some extra work. Despite its compact size, it can handle difficult-to-move sights. Using the rear sight pusher, the sights can be adjusted or removed by rotating it to 90° or 30°.

Additionally, it weighs approximately 3.5 lbs. It won’t be too heavy, nor will it be too light. This could be just the pick you’ve been looking for if you’ve been searching for a sight pusher that has a unique blue color.


  • You can clamp or bolt it onto a work surface or vice.
  • It works well with 30- or 90-degree rear sight profiles.
  • Easy to check sight alignment.
  • A good tool for most semi-auto pistol slides.
  • Works really well after lubricating the components.


  • It’s tough to adjust front sights using this pushing tool.

2. Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool – Best Handgun Sight Tool

Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight Tool

Installing sights is tough if you don’t have the proper tools. To do it right, you’d need to purchase at least a few different sight pushers. Or you could simply get the Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s handgun sight tool. This one is arguably the best handgun sight tool out there and also the most expensive.

This universal sight pusher works on all semi-automatic guns. It can fully capture and support slides, and you can easily adjust front or rear sights with this one. The brand Wheeler is known for making high-quality sight tools, and this one is the best. With this tool, you can become the armorer for your handgun.

This pusher tool is designed for removing, installing, or adjusting dovetail style rear or front handgun or pistol sights. This tool is designed to last for years to come, thanks to its high-quality material construction. Instead of using a punch and hammer to remove sights, give this one a try. You won’t regret it.

Since it can fully support and capture slides, it will protect the slide from deforming or breaking. For everyone else, this pusher tool might be a bit overkill because of the price, but if you are planning on using your gun for precision-oriented shooting, for example, bullseye competitor or target practice, this is the right sight tool for you.

There is a bit learning curve to it, but once you get the hang of this pusher, the process becomes really easy to use. Also, it’s a fully adjustable sight tool with everything being highly adjustable. This is a pusher that can give you a high level of precision. It’s also the ideal sight pusher for Glock because of its reversible sight prong.


  • Durable steel components and aluminum frame.
  • Easy to make precise adjustments even on a dovetail sight using the reference marks.
  • A large 4-post drive knob for ease of use.
  • Incredible strict quality control by the manufacturer.
  • High-end material, superior performance and really well made.


  • Expensive but worth it.

3. Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool – Best Build-Quality Sight Tool

Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool

My favorite sight pusher tool comes from Sylvan Arms, and I am impressed with this brand’s various high-end products. I consider Sylvan a great “everyman” type of toolmaker. The price isn’t the cheapest, but it offers great features without overwhelming you. This is a tool designed for handguns and pistols.

The aluminum metal makes it strong and durable, and it also comes with unique features. You can go into any customization job confident that you will come out the other side feeling successful with this sight pusher because it comes with a number of different jigs that you can slot into the pusher.

It came in at just a hair under three pounds, a substantial weight for a sight pusher tool kit of this quality. The construction of all the parts appears to be high-quality. I have seen other tools of similar design on the market, but they were made of aluminum. But not this one.

The frame on this is made of solid steel, which makes it a heavy-duty sight pusher tool. Although it’s not a pro tool, it will work perfectly for what it is. It’s a highly versatile tool that takes the word “universal” seriously. If this doesn’t work for you, you are better off using the traditional punch and hammer method.

The coating protects the steel against corrosion in the presence of oxygen and chemicals. As you use the tool, the steel alloy frame carries all the pressure. Its durability and toughness allow it to function smoothly. A block can be slipped in to accommodate the angled slides on Springfields or M&P shields.


  • The most advanced sight pusher tool from Sylvan.
  • It’s designed to work any pistol of any make or model.
  • A thick 9310 steel frame is used in the construction.
  • It can even work with ringer or snake-eye-type sights.
  • It’s the most complete sight pusher package on the market.


  • You will need to take things slowly at first.

4. Sight Master Sight Pusher Tool – Most Versatile Sight Tool

Sight Master Pistol Sight Pusher Tool

This sight pusher tool from Sight Master is well constructed, more robust, and beefier than any pusher tool on the market. Also, it’s capable of working with almost all semi-automatic handguns out there. Compared to anything on the market, the main screw and bolt are really big for a sight pusher of this size.

You can use it to remove or install both front and rear sights on most modern handguns. Also, design-wise, this tool needs to be used with a socket set or wrench. Compared to traditional hand tools, you can get a lot more leverage from this tool. This also simplifies the removal of those difficult rear sights.

There are two-sided hardened steel plates included with the sight pusher tool, and they are also adjustable. One side is straight for 1911, Sig sights, and the other one is angled for Glock sights. Also, you won’t have to worry about marring the dovetail channel when you are installing sights using this tool.

You will be able to install somewhat fragile sights without damaging them. It’s way better to use a sight pusher than driving sights using a punch and hammer. If you want to protect the finish of the slide, make sure to wrap the slide using hard rubber shims or cardboard.

Despite its simplicity, it is quite powerful and well-built. Most handguns out there would likely work great with it. However, it is not compatible with Springfield XDM 45 slides at all. There is not enough height in the square tubing frame for the rear guide rod to be retained. It’s not big enough to hold larger slides.


  • Heavy-duty and well-made sight pusher tool.
  • Bigger main screw and bolt.
  • It can accommodate most modern handguns.
  • It includes a two-sided hardened steel pusher.
  • You can get more leverage on this tool.


  • It doesn’t include any extra block sets

5. Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool for 1911 – Best Made-in-USA Sight Tool

Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool for 1911

This universal handgun sight pusher tool fits all Glock models as well as all Sigs and Springfields. It makes adjustment, replacement, and removal of so-called fixed sights a breeze. At first, it’s hard to figure out how to even work with this tool. That is because the instruction that it comes with isn’t very clear.

Getting the slide to mount securely in the tool is the hardest part and protecting your night sights from marring is next. It is possible to surround the slide with some cotton patches. To prevent your gun sights from getting scratched, just place a small piece of paper on top.

In my opinion, the best part of these sight pusher tools is that they work on both full-size guns and sub-compacts. In order to avoid damaging your slide, you need to check things out before you try to tighten the slides down. Due to its tank-like construction, I emphasize this point.

You can also use it pretty intuitively since it is well-machined. Almost every handgun slide made that has dovetail sights can be changed or adjusted with this tool. If the lever is removed, it fits even the Beretta 92fs, which has slide-mounted levers.

A major feature that makes this tool stand out from other tools is how it grips the slide on all four sides. While adjusting or removing the front and rear sights, even under the force of thousands of pounds, the slides won’t move.


  • Billet aluminum main body for durability
  • Made in the USA.
  • It’s built like a tank.
  • It can work with almost any type of sub-compact and full-size gun.
  • It fits almost all Glock models.


  • It’s really easy to scratch your slides if you are not careful.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Universal Sight Pusher

There is a lot of sight pusher that claims to be universal. However, the universal part remains just wishful thinking. That doesn’t mean you have to go back using a punch and hammer. So far, you have seen my recommendation on sight pushers that works well.

These are the somewhat universal ones. You don’t really need to buy one for each model of gun you have. That being said, no one tool can fit all gun types. However, you can certainly find a sight pusher tool that can accommodate almost all handguns.

What Are Universal Sight Pushers?

Accessories play an important role in the lives of gun enthusiasts all over the world. The world of gun accessories is vast. A universal sight pusher is another item we would like to point out in this context. Your gun sight needs to be set into your gun with a sight pusher.

Therefore, you need it for mounting the sight on your gun. This also aids in safely mounting and dismounting your sight. It simplifies your job as well.

Why Do I Need The Best Universal Handgun Sight Pushers?

Having the right tool for the job makes some projects easier. Most likely, you’re looking to upgrade your gun’s iron sight because the original ones are boring. We will talk about the importance of sight pushers now.

Sight pusher tools are used to push your iron sight from left to right. It’s that simple. Would you really benefit from one?

When swapping sight, adjusting sight, or removing sight, a universal sight pusher is an essential tool. It is easy to apply the thousands of pounds of pressure needed to move the sights using these tools.

In order to earn the name ‘universal,’ a good sight pusher must hold slides steadily, push the sights with ease, and accommodate a wide array of guns.

If you need to replace your rear sight with something better or adjust it to correct the gun’s aim, it’s easier to get it done using a handgun sight pusher tool.

Using a punch and hammer is possible, but it’s a lot less precise. Over adjustment is a possibility and making multiple adjustments to fix that will surely ruin your gun.

Advantages Of Using Sight Pushers For Changing Sights

Gun enthusiasts must have a sight pusher in their arsenal. Among the many functions, it swaps, adjusts, and removes sights, and also performs the following:

Easily Push The Sights

When you don’t have the right tools, installing, adjusting, and removing sights on handguns is extremely challenging. The Glock front and rear sights must be installed with a lot of force. The sight pusher enables the knobs and cranks to easily be turned without slipping while the sight is securely mounted on the firearm.

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Guns

As compared to bespoke models, universal sight pushers offer greater adaptability and versatility. Users are able to adjust the metallic fixture to various gun make and model variations by using the mounting blocks.

Makes Scope Adjustment Easier

Pushers are incredibly easy to use and eliminate the need to exert thousands of pounds of pressure on the sights. A number of models come with an anchoring feature, which enhances usability and allows adjustments to be made more easily.

You know the sight attachment that comes with long guns if you are a gun enthusiast. A sight pusher can be of different types, with some being made specifically for specific guns. There may be times when the primary attachment is not adequate for your needs.

In such a case, you will need to use a universal sight tool for any gun. You won’t have much to worry about when it comes to sight installation with a universal pusher. They can be adjusted easily.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Universal Sight Pushers

It’s not hard to use sight pushers, but you need to check their various features before you buy. Below are some of the most critical aspects to consider.

Brand Matters

Buying from renowned brands ensures good quality items will be delivered to you, and most importantly, the manufacturer provides a warranty on their products, which is like a bonus.

A Complete Sight Pushing Kit

When shopping for a product, look for a kit that has everything you need in one place. An extra set of materials and a user guide will usually accompany the tool to help you comprehend how to use it. Make sure you don’t purchase pushers that require extra purchases.


A sight pusher ensures that the adjustment process is much easier. Ensure that the pusher is well designed and has an angled body to be used smoothly.

Ease of Use

If you buy a pusher, it should make adjusting the scope easy. If it is difficult for you to accomplish this, then you probably shouldn’t purchase it. Ensure that you check for basic functions, such as anchoring, which makes the interface easier to use.

With it, you can adjust the settings with greater ease and give yourself an enhanced experience.


A good pusher should fit any gun or sight. It isn’t always the case because firearms come in different types. Therefore, you will need to ensure that the tool you purchase is suitable for the gun you own.

A pusher for each of your guns and the sights of your collection will not be necessary if you own several guns. The situation can be saved by using a universal tool.


You should be able to use your pusher with your gun safely. For you to be able to adjust the scope on your firearm, it must be of the highest quality. In the case of weapons, do not buy cheap products.

Gunsight adjustment pushers should be extremely reliable and safe. Using off-the-shelf parts for your guns will make them less effective.

Most of the sight pushers out there are flimsy products that you should steer clear of; several manufacturers claim to make the best sight pushers. Prior to making a final purchase, it is important to review all the options available to you thoroughly.


When buying a pusher, durability is also a consideration. When the sight pusher tool doesn’t need replacing every now and then, you’ll get better value for your money.

Make sure your pusher tool is properly made, so you won’t have to replace it later. Don’t hesitate to pay for a reliable and durable tool instead. Solid steel and aluminum are excellent options.


Your gun should be compatible with what you buy. Most brands out there claim to produce universal products, but in fact, these products are not universal.

You should also keep in mind that every pusher has its own characteristics, and so you should choose the one that best suits your needs. You must choose the sight pusher that is right for your needs as they come in different models.

Final Words

Owning a gun means you have the opportunity to customize it. The satisfaction of making your gun your own is truly priceless. From adding a suppressor to adding tritium night sights, you can do so much with your gun!

If you don’t have a good rear handgun sight tool, you will have a tough time working with contoured slides. This is where a good universal handgun sight tool comes into play. Whether it’s dovetailed sights, optical sights or any other sights, a sight pusher tool is an indispensable tool for most firearm owners. 

If you’re a serious gun enthusiast, you’ll need a sight pusher. Any scope can be attached to any firearm, and you can customize your firearms as you see fit. The good news is that you are not required to buy a pusher for each gun you own.

Consider getting an all-purpose multifunctional sight pusher tool that is simple to use, versatile, and safe. The best models have been reviewed above. It should be easy for you to find the best universal pusher for yourself. Also, avoid cheap pushers. Go with a tool that is constructed using durable materials, is user-friendly, and has good base stability.  

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