Hide A Safe In Your House

How To Hide A Safe In Your House?

So, you bought yourself a little safe, and now you need to know where to put it. Where’s the best place to hide a safe in your house so somebody breaking in is going to overlook it and not get into it?

What is the best way to conceal a safe? Safes that are designed to be hidden are usually called concealed safes. Two of the best examples of that are wall and floor safes.

Besides those, there are also aftermarket products that conceal safes. So, what is the best way to hide a safe in your house? In this article, we are going to take a look at that.

Just to clarify a few things, I will not be covering floor safes and wall safes. There will be a separate article on that. However, I will be covering small handgun safes as well as other small safes that you can easily hide in your house.

We’re going to be talking about small nightstand gun safes that are inexpensive. Most of the gun safes that I’m talking about will be under 300 bucks

Maybe you’re protecting some costume, jewelry, or maybe you’re just keeping a handgun out of the wrong hands; these little gun safes under 300 are great for those kinds of uses.

However, these safes aren’t designed to protect tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why choosing the right safe from the start is very important.

Choosing The Right Safe To Hide 

When you’re looking at inexpensive safes to put in your home, there are a couple of options that you’re going to have. Most of those options won’t have pre-drilled bolt holes in the back of the safe.

When you’re looking at little safes, that’s actually a very important feature, so it is something you want to make sure that you can get.

  • The pre-drilled holes in the back of the safe allow the safe to be secured and bolted into the wall.
  • Pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the safe allow it to be secured and bolted to the floor.

So, when you’re hiding a safe, and you’re concealing it, this feature is going to be very helpful for some of the methods that we are going to be covering here.

This is a very useful feature because it’ll help you tie that safe to the wall into the floor and make it much harder to get out just in case somebody does find it.

Hiding A Safe In Your House

Now that we have covered almost all the necessary topics, it’s time to show you the best places to hide a gun safe.

The Laundry Room

Your laundry room is a room in the house that never gets tossed. However, it’s not my favorite place. I’m saving that for the end, but this is my second favorite place. So, laundry rooms have cabinets you can put small safes in.

Sometimes you got base cabinets you can put small safes in. So, they’re ideal when you want to hide a small safe. You can also secure them to the back of the cabinet as well as on the floor of the cabinet.

There’s one other place to hide a safe that’s actually in this laundry room that I haven’t talked about. And that’s underneath the sink. If you can get a safe to fit underneath the sink, you’re golden. Nobody looks underneath the sink.

If you got a small safe, you could go under the kitchen sink; you could go under a bathroom sink or go under the utility room sink. Just don’t put it in the master bathroom.

My Favorite Place In A Home To Hide A Safe

Now I’m going to show you my absolute favorite place in a home to hide a safe. And that is the pantry. Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors, talk to anybody you know who’s ever been robbed; nobody’s ever told you “they tossed the pantry,” right?

That is because there aren’t a lot of valuables in a pantry. So, when a burglar has got six to ten minutes, he’s not coming in here and tossing the pantry.

Most pantry doors open out, so it’s not ideal for a safe to be placed inside. However, if you are lucky and the door to your pantry opens on the inside, you can actually place the safe behind the door.

The door will act as an extra barrier to hide that safe, so if you have a pantry whose door swings inward, you’re in an ideal situation. And that is my number one place to hide a safe in a house.

And if your pantry store opens out like this, you’re not totally lost because there’s still lots of stuff in the pantry that you can conceal a safe with.

The size of the safe you can get in the pantry is going to depend a lot on your shelving configuration, but you can normally put a decent size small safe in the pantry.

Stick a couple of things in front of it just to keep it hidden from most prying eyes and anybody that’s a smash and grabber in your home.

Places You Don’t Want To Hide Your Safe

Now, let’s talk about the one room in the house you never want to put a small safe like that, and that is the master bedroom. Also, in your master bathroom and master closet, you don’t want to store little safes in these locations.

FBI burglar statistics show that in most home robberies, the burglar is only in the house for eight to ten minutes. So where do you think they are going to go?

The very first place they’re going to go is the master bedroom and in the master bedroom closet. Because they know that that’s the highest rate of return, if they go in there, they can find jewelry, they can find money, they can find handguns, they can find anything you have stored in there very quickly.

So, whatever you do, do not put little safes in the master bedroom!

Final Words

Hopefully, you found those hiding spots useful. You can also try to hide your safe behind a sliding door, behind the mantel, in a shelf, under the stairs, inside stair steps, in a book like the movies, in a wall, under the mattress, in your dog’s food box, beneath the floor, in a vent, and many other places.

Just don’t go crazy and hide your safe in a place where it will be next to impossible to access in the event of an emergency. You should always keep the accessibility factor in mind. And that’s all there is to know about how to hide a safe in your house.

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