How To Fit More Guns In A Safe

How To Fit More Guns In A Safe? – Maximizing Interior Space

One thing that most gun owners regret is not buying a bigger safe. You can never have too many guns.

Safety manufacturers exaggerate the capacities of their products and are not realistic when assessing modern gun collections.

Running out of safe space is a common problem faced by gun safe owners. There can be numerous reasons for this, such as a lack of space or lack of planning.

There may be a gun you must buy on sale, or it might be given to you as a gift. Even if you promise yourself not to buy any more guns, we all end up buying more anyway.

Unfortunately, gun safes have limited space, but that won’t stop gun owners from squeezing as many guns inside the safe as possible.

If you own a lot of guns and have a large gun safe, you are not the only one playing gun safe Tetris.

Safe manufacturers must make their estimations based on straight-stocked, iron-sighted semiautomatic and lever-action rifles when advertising how many guns they can fit in their various models.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be an issue of storing firearms to their claim. Here, we want to fit as many guns inside as possible.

Any manufacturer estimate gets cut in half when you try to fit AR-15s, rifles with scopes, and bolt-action rifles. They do not have any idea how the average consumer will fit all their guns without touching them.

How To Fit More Guns In A Safe?

Through experience and a creative approach, I have found some different ways to fit more guns in my safe. If you alternate one muzzle up with one muzzle down, then you get a few more in the box.

Another option would be to place a few AR-15s with their stock collapsed on top of a full rack, but this must be done carefully in order to prevent scratching and denting.

Gun safes are used to store rifles and shotguns that end up scratched by the process of storing them or taking them out and putting them back in.

Therefore, everyone must understand how to organize and store guns. Here are a couple of cool ideas and things you can use to maximize your lightweight gun safe space and accommodate more guns.

1. Magnetic Gun Mounts

Gun mounts with magnets beneath are small plates that can be attached to guns. Wherever the gun is mounted, the magnet attracts the gun’s metal and holds it in place.

Magnet mounts can be applied to almost any surface, even inside gun safes and vaults. Magnetic mounts that can comfortably hold 45 pounds of weight are the strongest.

Rubber coatings prevent scratches from contact with most good ones. In spite of the fact that they are able to be installed anywhere, magnetic mounts must be drilled to be installed.

The magnetic mounting system works best with handguns. If using a large gun, use two mounts.

2. Handgun Hangers

Hangers hold handguns by the barrel under shelves. A handgun hanger has been designed specifically for handguns and is designed to slide over the edge of a shelf. Additionally, the lower arm of the hanger is designed to be inserted into a barrel.

The use of shelves can also be a great way of organizing your gun safe. A shelf and a screwdriver are all you need to install the system.

Most handgun hangers can accommodate pistols no longer than 10 inches in length and as little as .22 caliber pistols. It is necessary that the shelf is 1/2 “-1” thick. The hangers are separated into separate pieces.

Make sure they are not cheaply made. There is a common complaint about most flimsy universal handgun hangers, which are not strong enough to hold a heavy pistol.

3. Pistol Racks For Gun Safes

Gun racks are slotted holders that hold guns for storage. They are also called weapon racks and handgun racks. Handguns are arranged in rows on these racks side by side.

Pistol rack features to look for include:

  • Cells are closed to prevent lubricants from absorbing into them.
  • Designs that are modular.
  • The ability to absorb shock.

Having these makes storing handguns more convenient and space efficient. Depending on the size of the rack, it can hold a certain number of handguns.

Handgun racks have the advantage of allowing for easy access to your handgun. Typically, the majority of them can accommodate handguns with or without magazines, regardless of their caliber.

There are racks made for magazines alone, as well as other racks that include extra magazine compartments. Modular racks can be extended by adding to each other.

4. Door Panel Organizer for Gun Safes

By utilizing the unused interior space of the safe door, safe door organizers create extra storage space. These bags have storage compartments and pockets, whether it is a handgun, ammunition, magazine, or other miscellaneous firearm accessory.

An organizer is hung on the inside of the door of a gun safe. There are nylon and mesh fabric, some Velcro®, and some that are a full sheet, like a sheet of the velcro, to which an additional holster or pocket can be attached. The placement can even be customized depending on the brand.

There is a very cool feature about some organizers which allows placement customization. Therefore, you can decide where each compartment should be placed on the organizer.

So, you set up an arrangement for the safe door to close with enough clearance, which is very helpful.When choosing a bedroom gun safe organizer, consider going with the same brand as your safe.

Every gun safe manufacturer doesn’t make organizers, so if you can’t find one that matches your door size, use the one provided by the manufacturer. A door organizer for gun safes is available universally.

If the doors have any built-in shelving, you need to make sure you leave enough space between the inside of the door and the shelving. The organizers for gun safes can only hold a very limited amount of things.

By doing so, you will ensure you choose the right one the first time.Door organizers for gun safes are easy to install and only take a few minutes. It is attached to the organizer with a mounting clip, which is slipped between the felt and the door panel. It is not necessary to use tools to mount organizers.

5. Rifle Rod – The Best Way To Store More Guns In A Safe

The purpose of rifle rods is to hold the long gun upright when storing it. Gun barrels with shelves attached to the bottom are inserted into the barrels. The rifle rods are made from plastic and hang onto fabric shelves with loop fabric.

There is a limit to how far rifle rods can be used with shorter rifles. It helps if the rods sink into the barrel a little so that they hold the gun upright, but they have a weaker hold the more they sink.

In addition to shotguns, rods can also be used with small, barreled rifles (.22 caliber).A rifle rod’s main advantage is that it prevents rifles from leaning against one another.

They always help to utilize space better as they add more storage. In addition, the guns are prevented from scratching one another.It’s like pulling a zip tie up the edge of an upside-down object; the closer to the edge it gets, the more flexible it gets.

Granted, rifle rods are much stiffer than zip ties. It’s not that complicated. There is a limit to how far rifle rods can be used with shorter rifles. The rods hold the gun up by sinking into the barrel, and the more they sink, the weaker it is.

There’s a good chance you could get one from a fabric or hobby store for a lower price. However, you will have to determine its dimensions and ensure the material is loose enough to fit the rods.

You should buy a starter kit when you purchase your first rifle rod. In starter kits, you’ll find a fabric loop (also called shelf liner) that sticks to the top of the rod.

It is possible to purchase stand-alone rods, but if they are attached to a shelf without fabric, the rods will not stick to it.

Final Words

So, hopefully, you can now stack more firearms in your gun safe with these easy tips. If you have never used rifle rods before, you should give it a try. I’m confident you’ll like it, and this is currently the most efficient way to store more guns in a gun safe.

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