Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping

Best Place To Keep Gun While Sleeping

Although placing your firearms on the nightstand may seem efficient, it is not always safe or possible. While sleeping, many things can happen. In order to prevent any injuries, a little distance and an enclosed latch case would do the trick.

The nightstand is not the safest or most recommended option if someone lives in a shared apartment or has children at home. For this reason, the majority of people use a nightstand safe.

What if you don’t have one? If you had a gun or shotgun for home defense, where would you keep it? Guns are kept for protection, but when they’re kept nearby, and if there is a break-in, those guns can become a liability.

Considering that nightstands are most commonly used to store firearms, the intruder might hit that first. Guns under the pillow are wrong on many other levels, too.

Does it really make sense to test it even if it is safe and the lock is on? Guns won’t fire automatically, regardless of that. You can virtually keep a gun anywhere you sleep if you don’t have kids or an unreliable partner living with you.

If it is too much for you, you can keep it under your pillow or wherever you like. Nevertheless, there are times when situations are different, so knowing where to keep a gun while sleeping is essential.

Best Place to Keep Your Guns While Sleeping

Where do you store your gun while you’re sleeping? Gun storage at a single location isn’t the best solution in this day and age. It is more effective to have a decentralized storage mechanism for guns. Combining various locations and preferably locking them up would be the safest method.

We’ve picked out some possibilities for where to store your gun as you go to bed. All of them are popular and have advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation.

1. Bedside Gun Safe

Safes are perhaps the safest places to keep weapons, especially guns. In addition to protecting your guns from going off unintentionally, it also protects it from falling into intruders’ hands.

Sleeping places tend to be the most popular places to keep guns. This has a number of advantages. Using multiple codes to lock the safe is not always necessary since that can also interfere with finding the gun quickly if needed.

It would be perfectly adequate to use a fingerprint safe. Even during the day, you can always lock your safe extra securely when there are children in the house and forget about security concerns.

In just three to four seconds, you can access your gun from a bedside safe. It’s practical for any time. Besides those who want to keep guns, many people do not like this idea because kids may be able to access them. A childproof gun safe is a right choice if you have children.

2. Inside A Nightstand

If you keep a gun on your nightstand, you can quickly and easily get to it. If you have children, be careful. It won’t be hard for them to get the gun. There is no comparison between a gun safe and a nightstand. If easy access takes away the security, that’s not what you want. It is important to strike a balance between the two.

You might like this if you don’t have kids. Bedside drawers don’t have any disadvantages in terms of accessibility compared to nightstands. Bedside drawer-like gun safes are available that look like electronic safes.

The containers can be opened through a button or a fingerprint scanner. It is not cheap to purchase one of these safes, but it is well worth the price. It is safe to use these safes around children since they look just like drawers.

3. Under The Bed Gun Safe

An under-bed gun safe is another popular option. When you have young, curious children in your home, it may not be a good idea to store an unsecured firearm. The importance of home defense never falters.

Under the bed or on a nightstand, some people keep a lockbox that can be unlocked at a moment’s notice. Some individuals prioritize daily safety over immediate emergency response time, but there is a delay between detecting a break-in and taking out the gun.

4. Alternate Drawer

Regardless of its popularity as a place to store guns, the nightstand is also easily accessible by intruders, but you cannot say the same about any other drawer in your bedroom.

The gun could be kept out of sight in the wardrobe drawers, for example, while being accessible for quick use. You can keep the gun out of easy reach in your highest drawer in a room if there are children or unexpected visitors.

5. Under The Pillow

To be honest, I like this one best. The time it takes to get a gun out in the middle of the night in case of an emergency is likely to be less than two seconds. The shape of a gun can even be kept concealed by gun holsters beneath a pillow.

Due to the lack of security under your pillow, this is the least recommended location to store your personal security handgun. If a handgun is fully loaded, it is safe until you pull the trigger.

You don’t want to worry about a loaded gun hiding in the crease between your mattress and your headboard. The problem might arise if you have kids and you know they will somehow get the gun out while you sleep.

The method is safe for people who don’t sleep deeply. Many people like to keep their guns under their pillows. Take a moment to consider how easy it will be to grab the gun.

6. The Kitchen Pantry

You can keep a gun safely in your kitchen pantry by installing a small cabinet on the shelves. In addition, thieves do not target the kitchen, and children and guests are less likely to wander into it.

It is easy to see how grownups spend the majority of their daytime in the kitchen, even from a tactical standpoint. So, the kitchen is most likely where you would find your gun if you needed it in the middle of the day. In addition, your gun will be readily accessible.

7. Hidden Drawer

Some home inventors have come up with clever places to hide loaded handguns out of sight. For home defense, some of those artisans have made secret drawers and pull-outs for safekeeping pistols.

No matter where the concealed compartment is located, it shouldn’t be considered to be a safe place to store a firearm.

Your home will be hard to spot for those unfamiliar with its layout. A handgun can be more easily accessible when there is no lock or combination to contend with, such as those associated with a safe or lockbox.

8. Fix A Magnetic Gun Mount Near Your Bed

This method offers all the benefits of storing the gun safely, as well as being more affordable. Magnetic gun mounts like the Comforttac MG are very popular. Among the strongest options are rubber coat magnets, which have a rating of 35 pounds.

It will keep the firearm safely out of the wrong hands, it will be easy to access when you need it, and, most importantly, it won’t scratch the gun like other methods of storing firearms.

Easy installation instructions that come with the mount help you install it yourself. The mount elegantly conceals your gun. Glocks, colts, and any other type of firearm can be mounted on this series of gun mounts.

9. A Closet In The Guest Room

You want the gun to be close at hand yet out of sight, so either of these two options would be suitable. Chances are you probably won’t use a guest room unless overnight guests are staying at your house.

The guest room is not among the room’s intruders target, as it is also not among the kitchen’s targets. If you have to retrieve your gun, keeping your gun near the entrance to your house would be more appropriate for being prepared.

It is also a good idea to prepare yourself before answering the door if you notice any suspicious activity near your front door. You can grab your gun quickly from a closet in an emergency because they are easily accessible. Therefore, a gun safe that is suited for a closet might be the best choice.

Final Words

Guns are as much a necessity in neighborhoods as they are a risk. In light of this, be mindful of where you choose to store the firearms within the home and notify your family members and roommates of the situation.

Having children in the house makes this all the more important. Guns should be kept out of their reach, but the most important part is teaching them not to retrieve them as well as staying safe around them.

The tips above will help you choose the best place to keep your gun while sleeping. We’ve compiled a list of options you can try. Try each one to see which one works best for you. Select a location where you will have easy access to your firearms as well as a safe storage space.

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