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Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews [Updated 2022] – Buying Guide

If you’re relying on a gun safe to protect your guns, it shouldn’t be the cheapest one you can find. You really need to do your research and invest in a quality product.

However, not all of us have the money to spend on high-end gun safes. This is where Stack-On shines the most. Their gun safes are really affordable without sacrificing too many security features.

So, why Stack-On gun safes? Are they reliable? For the most part, you can get away using one of their safes but don’t expect them to be burglar-proof. It is time and noise that are burglars’ two biggest enemies.

You can make even the cheapest safe very effective by bolting a solid foundation to these cheap Stack-On safes. Afterward, place them in a confined space where there is limited access to the side and back.

If there is no access to the top, back, left, or right, and one cannot leverage a pry tool like a crowbar from the side or back since it is bolted down. Crack addicts are not likely to be able to cut through this, as it is basically impossible get any leverage.

I highly doubt burglars will be able to break into your safe unless they have heavy power-cutting tools. It can be hidden behind a wall or fitted in a corner, so you won’t have to worry about it being found.

This might slow down the thief long enough for you to catch him if he shows up with a crowbar and power tools. Although it isn’t Fort Knox, I believe Stack-On gun safes will be able to guard your guns fairly well from the typical junkies who break into windows when people are not at home.

Top 6 Best Stack-On Gun Safes Reviews

After taking a look at our reviews for stack-on gun safes, you will quickly realize that these gun safes at a low price are ideal for keeping your guns safe and away from kids and smash-n-grab burglars.

1. Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet – Best Overall Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet

Welded steel construction makes up the Stack-On GCB-900 gun and ammo cabinet, which is also 18 inches wide. Installing this cabinet on the floor, ceiling, wall, or another Stack-On pre-assembled gun cabinet is made easy with the pre-drilled mounting holes. Moreover, this isn’t the typical gun safe you’ll see.

It’s a gun cabinet. Cabinets like this one are intended for keeping items out of sight, not so much to prevent theft. Generally, it is similar to a gym locker and should be secured to a durable wall or floor. That is because a person can easily carry it away.

This will certainly prevent any child, housemaid, or house sitter from sneaking in undetected. Unlike many gun cabinets, this can be bolted to the top.  You should bolt them down as recommended to prevent them from being broken into.

If you do not anchor this down, it will be easy for a thief just to grab it and go. In addition, you can buy another one and bolt it onto the top of your existing one if you run out of space in the current one. Therefore, there are more options for you.


  • The gun safe and cabinet mount is easy to install
  • A convenient mounting solution with predrilled holes
  • Steel construction with full welds
  • The bottom is padded with foam and removable


  • Can’t be used as a stand-alone gun safe

2. Stack-On 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet – Best Double-Door Stock-on Gun Safe

Stack-On 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Safes like the Stack-On SS-10-MB-E can hold up to ten firearms up to 54 inches tall and are fully convertible. Black epoxy paint is used on the exterior, with chrome accents and a silk-screened door. There are two ways to lock this safe.

An effective cabinet for homeowners, it deters burglars most casually. The only disadvantage is that it must be anchored to a concrete floor to be truly effective, which can make it difficult for some to install. Anyone renting a home or apartment will be frustrated if you need to drill through carpet or tile to hang it.

Each of the six live-action bolts has a 1-Inch diameter. There is also carpeting inside. A major feature of this safe is that it has large, extra-strong steel locking bolts and concealed hinges, as well as steel deadbolts that provide added security. Concealed hinges provide greater access to the contents of the safe.

Currently, this model is not fire-rated. Stack-On products with FS as their model number are fire rated. Finally, it comes with a set of four reinforced pre-drilled holes in the bottom, and a drilling template for DIYers would make life much easier for homeowners who are willing to make holes in their floors.


  • It’s a good entry-level gun safe
  • 2-way locking system
  • It has a fully carpeted interior
  • A very effective homeowner-grade cabinet


  • No fire rating on this model

3. Stack-On 14-Gun Cabinet – Best Modular Stock-On Gun Safe

Stack-On 14-Gun Cabinet

A Security Cabinet such as this Stack-On GCB-14P can hold up to 14 rifles or shotguns as tall as 54″. The top shelf can be removed to provide ample space for handgun storage. Longer guns can be stored along the back wall of the cabinet by using the shelf at the front of the cabinet.

A superior 3-point locking system and welded steel box construction feature this gun safe. Security is enhanced by full-length steel piano hinges that are welded and staked. In addition, the barrel standoff for scoped firearms and Stack-On’s patented contoured non-marring barrel rests are included.

A flush mount bottom allows it to be mounted easily to the floor. A predrilled mounting hole makes it easy to attach to the wall or floor. There is also hardware for fastening and finishing. A steel cabinet frame passes behind the locking plate at the top and bottom of each unit.

The door panel is also secured with a large steel locking plate behind the steel door frame. The barrel rests made from molded plastic won’t deteriorate as they age. Designed for rifles and shotguns, the barrel rest can also accommodate side-by-side shotguns.


  • It has a better locking mechanism than the previous model
  • The painted smooth surface looks very nice
  • Unlike most cabinets, this one has thicker metal
  • The ideal storage container for small rifles


  • This is a cabinet, not a safe.

4. Stack-On Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet – Best Versatile Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-On Steel 18-Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

Weapon storage and security have been improved with the Stack-On GCB-18C. It should be obvious that this is not a gun safe. It is a locker. Have you ever thought about those smelling gym clothes boxes you probably had when you were in school? It’s like that, but for guns.

The gauge of the metal is similar, but the thickness is greater. There is an enameled finish on it. There is no fireproof material. A riveted hinge and two studs hold the door in place. There is nothing to complain about here. I expected it to be this way. I just wanted to describe it to you.

Despite its low price, this gun safe is strong enough to protect your guns from kids. The scoped rifle standoffs with molded barrel rests are included. Welded steel construction and a 3-point locking system prevent firearms and valuables from falling out. Several long guns can be stored in its convertible interior.

Stack-On Security Cabinets provide protection for firearms and valuables. Security Cabinets from Stack-On are built to meet your unique storage needs with a variety of capacities and configurations.


  • Integrated scope standoffs in molded barrel rest
  • Locking system that locks in three points
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Foam-padded shelves, partition, and bottom


  • Interior management needs improvement

5. Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet: 22-Gun Capacity – Best Key Stack-on Gun Safe

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet: 22-Gun Capacity

According to Presidio Code Section 12088 as well as the rules contained therein, the safe has been examined and listed as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice. With black epoxy paint and chrome accents, the exterior has an elegant look.

The stack-on cabinet meets the D.C. division of justice’s standards for properly storing firearms and can be accepted by them. There are two adjustable shelves for the storage of documents and valuables and a three-spoke, all-steel handle that is easy to handle.

An intimidating-looking, heavy, big, sturdy safe that holds quite a bit! This product serves its purpose perfectly, and the pricing is great. It is highly recommended. I like several features about it, including being quite roomy and not taking up a lot of space.

If they state 22 guns, keep in mind that all shelves must be removed, and all the rifles must be set up against the three walls side by side to achieve that capacity. One side of my room is occupied by shelves, while guns occupy the other. In other words, by their standards, you should be able to hold 11 guns.


  • The Interior is fully carpeted
  • Operational lights are included with the electronic lock
  • An epoxy paint finish covers the exterior
  • 4 Adjustable shelves


  • Realistically, it will hold maybe 9-10 guns

6. Stack-On Armorguard 24-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock – Best Large Stack-On Gun Safe

Stack-On Armorguard 24-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

The Stack-On 24 gun fire-resistant safe is a mid-capacity long gun safe that meets your security requirements for theft and fire. With a weight of over 400 pounds, this safe can protect your firearms, ammunition, and precious items.

If you have a small collection of guns and plan to protect them and possibly expand in the future, the safe is a great choice for you. There is a lot of weight in it, so you may have difficulty moving it. A dolly should support it.

There are better security safes out there; while you can cut this one with a grinder or drill, as well as making noise in the process, it will slow them down. Guns remain secure, and kids are kept out. The inside shelves tend to wobble a little bit because of the uneven tracks on the adjustable shelves.

They are fine once they have weight on them, however. Number input is very precise, so there is no room for mistakes. You may as well try again if you don’t get the number exactly. I think that’s great! The price is also very reasonable.


  • 1400 degree F fire rating for 30 minutes
  • It comes with a barrel rest that is patented
  • You can configure the shelving however you like by removing and adjusting it
  • Batteries are used to operate a numeric passcode, and backup keys are provided


  • Sloppy interior quality control

Why Should You Choose A Stack-On Gun Safe?

Children undoubtedly pose the biggest concern when it comes to firearms in your home, so you’ll want to make sure they’re kept out of reach while maintaining easy access to them.

An investment in a good nightstand safe is worth the research and the expenditure since they protect you and your family during potentially dangerous situations.

Current gun safes combine several elements of safety to ensure that your firearms remain secure from these most common concerns.

When searching for your next gun safe, Stack-On gun safes are among the most popular options among several major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart.

Crimes of opportunity are responsible for most house burglaries. Grabbing whatever they see and running off, they will come in. Guns shouldn’t be left exposed and storing them in a safe is certainly better than having them out in the open.

It is true that not all of us have access to large amounts of cash and are able to purchase thousands of dollars in gun safes. It is still a question of what you will get for your money, right? As we examine some affordable gun safe options from Stack-On Gun Safes, perhaps the Walmart of gun safe industries, we will examine a few options from their brand.

What Is A Stack-On Gun Safe?

Gun safes manufactured by Stack-On are simply known as Stack-On safes. At first, I thought the company’s name was a feature, and I admit I was confused. As far as I understand it, it means you can stack the safes on top of each other. My mistake was that I expected it to be the company’s name rather than the site’s name. I corrected my mistake by googling.

Are Stack-On Gun Safes Good?

With Stack-On security storage solutions, gun safes on a budget are readily available and affordable. Gun owners have trusted Stack-On’s safes and cabinets for 40 years.

In order to make an informed purchase decision, we make it easy to compare products, regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or you have owned guns for years.

Stack-On offers a range of products so customers can choose which one fits their needs best. Customer service and warranties can be claimed easily with Stack-On’s product registration process.

Customers can enroll in the battery change reminder service, so they will be reminded to change their gun-safe batteries every two years. Their storage solutions range from storage of up to 90 firearms in small and portable sizes to make it easy to get one firearm out.

In order to ensure that Stack-On products meet your security needs, you should do thorough research before you purchase them. In keeping with Stack-On’s variety of security products, every gun storage product does not have the same features.

About Stack-On

Their history dates back to 1972 when they began their journey. This Illinois-based company manufactures personal security products.

Even though they don’t make bad products, their products don’t compare to the very best gun safes made by companies like Fort Knox or Liberty Magnum, which are currently the best in America.

Stack-on safes are way more affordable than those giants, so it does not make sense to compare them with them. Pricing-wise, Stack-On targets budget-conscious consumers more than anyone else.

The cheap models of Stack-On appeal to consumers who can’t afford the more expensive models. They really shine in this respect with their gun safes. The prices they charge are relatively affordable.

They are more of a jack of all trades and master of none type of company. There will be something for everyone, but they will not excel at any one thing. Many times, all we desire is a safe that won’t break the bank, so we can keep our guns safe from children and petty thieves.

Since brands like Steelwater and Fort Knox gun safes occupy the premium markets, a large area of the market was unfilled. They’ve filled that need.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Stack-On Gun Safe

According to customer reviews, it appears that customers understand that skilled intruders can break into this safe. It is also possible for theft to be assisted by individuals who have tools to assist.

However, the Stack-On products prevent children and everyday people from accessing the contents of the safes without keys or security codes. In most cases, this seems to be the purpose for which Stack-On gun safes are purchased.

Stack-On’s gun safes are somewhat cheaper than comparable gun safes of comparable quality.

Although it does not offer the highest level of safety and security features of higher-end, more expensive gun-safe brands, many customers say that the Stack-On gun safes are satisfactory and meet their firearms safety and security needs.

These can be purchased from a variety of online retailers and from some popular small and large retailers, making them accessible to people looking to make a purchase right away.

Stack-On’s line of gun safes is a good option for those who want to keep their firearms out of sight but still have them readily available. They are also significantly less expensive than the prices of other gun safes.

Security Features

Even on their top line, the security safes aren’t that secure compared to other top manufacturers. Though they have made great efforts to make their vaults fireproof and waterproof, they lack some hardcore security features.

Pricing probably has something to do with it. It wouldn’t make sense for you to expect 5000 dollars of security for a 1000 dollar safe.

Despite their lack of locks, they do provide sufficient security features, such as a highly secured electronic lock and reinforced steel chassis. In order to prevent drill attacks, each lock is equipped with a hardened steel plate.

UL’s safety standards do not apply to their budget safes. Certifications do not mean much to everyone because safes that meet their standards aren’t readily available for everyone.

The safes from Stack-On are an excellent choice if basic security is all you need. However, the California DOJ has approved all of their safes, so that’s probably the only one.

Nevertheless, don’t let this deceive you, as there will probably be some salesmen who try to exploit this. Many YouTube videos show how to open these safes in minutes. The pry attack is the most common method of opening a gun safe.

However, you can prevent this attack by bolting down the safe in a secure location and minimizing movement. Regular burglars cannot leverage a pry bar if there’s no space on the top and sides.

Someone can break into your safe with a crowbar, but they must first tip it over to get leverage, and if you anchor your safe securely, they will have a very difficult time doing so.

Fire Protection

Is stack on gun cabinets fireproof? The safes they make are mostly fire-resistant. In addition, they are independently tested by ETL, a reputable lab, thus making them respectable in the eyes of the consumer. A 30-minute temperature rating of 1400 degrees F is found in their mini safes as well.

Being given an ETL rating is a great achievement in and of itself since they don’t have any public loyalty to Stack-On or direct ties to the product. In comparison to other companies who provide fireproof ratings of 90 minutes and more, 30 minutes might seem short.

The NFPA has a response time of six minutes, so 30 minutes are more than sufficient. You will be able to protect your valuables in case of a fire hazard unless you live in a remote area.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to fire protection. However, Stack-On’s fire protection capability doesn’t extend beyond half an hour.

Who Manufactures Stack-On Safes?

Safes made by Stack-On can be hard to pinpoint exactly where they are made. Although they used to have manufacturing facilities in Illinois, it’s highly unlikely that they still manufacture their products there.

Many of their products, last I heard, were manufactured in China, and I’ve seen users talking about this on a lot of forums. It also makes sense for them to move their manufacturing over there since they have to keep the price down.

Who Sells Stack On Gun Safes?

The popularity of these products has led to the sale of them through a variety of companies. Stack-on products are sold extensively on Amazon, which offers discounts or free shipping often.

By using a safe delivery service, you will not have to burden yourself with getting a safe from a store and loading it into your truck, then unloading and moving it into your home. It’s a huge relief to get shipping straight to your curb if you can. Intended pun.

Home Depot and Walmart are also big sellers of Stack-On gun safes, and they usually have sales. The safe can be purchased online and delivered for free to the store with these companies. It’s just a matter of picking it up there.

There’s a chance you can get free shipping with some stores, but you’ll need to check with the store ahead of time.

Final Words

Every store has a different safe brand and price; it doesn’t matter where you go. A few stores sell Stack-On safes, but they’re mostly found at stores like Walmart.

There are different types of Stack-On safes that each have their own unique features. In general, the quality of the product is on par with the price.

There are a lot of options when it comes to gun safes. Additionally, they claim that quality is reflected in the price. Now that you have read our Stack-On gun safe reviews, it should be clear by now why investing in a cheap gun safe is worth it.

In a market where most people are just beginning with their first safe and have a relatively small collection, it might be a good idea to try the FS-14-MB-E with 14 Guns. For the price, it can’t be beaten and it’s also one of the best Stack-On gun safes out there.

The 24 Gun Fire Safe FS-24-MG-C is ideal for those who are concerned about electronic locking systems’ known problems. Dial locks are an alternative to battery-operated locks that don’t run out of power when the batteries are worn out and will remain secure no matter what.

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