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Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2022 | Top 9 Fire-Rated Gun Safe Reviews

It is a good investment to have a fireproof gun safe that can withstand the worst household emergencies. If you are going to install your gun safe in your home, it is important to make sure it is actually fireproof.

A gun safe with the highest fire rating will without a doubt give you a good level of protection. Several high-quality fireproof gun safes can protect against temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes or more.

Some of these safes may also be fire-resistant. In the United States, there are more than 1 million fires each year. Make sure you consider the fire resistance of a gun safe before investing in it. However, that alone isn’t enough if we want to get our hands on the best fireproof gun safe on the market.

You will have to factor in other features such as the type of locking mechanism, gun capacity, mounting options, weight, thickness, etc. I will have a detailed buying guide explaining all of that at the end of this article.

Are Fire-Proof Safes Effective?

Obviously, yes! Fireproof safes will keep their contents safe from disasters like fire. It is important to note, however, that not all safes are created equal. Also, consider getting one with a mechanical lock.  

The price will vary according to the brand and the size. If you are on a tight budget, you will need to do some research and decide what you will keep in the safe.

This is necessary to determine which fireproof gun safe is right for you. Whatever the case may be, you want something with an extra layer of protection that can protect your valuables for an extended period of time. 

Top 9 Best Fireproof Gun Safes For The Money

So, what is the best gun safe with fire protection for home use? Or do you need a large one to keep your rifles and shotguns? Whatever the case may be, you will surely find the right model in the following section. Here are the best fireproof safes for guns that you can count on to protect your valuables.

1. SentrySafe EF4738E Executive Fire-Safe – Best Overall Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Executive Fire-Safe

The prices of truly secure safes will be high if you want a safe that keeps people out. For that kind of safe, this isn’t the best choice. The safe makes it difficult for someone to break in and run, so the police can get more time to respond. I would highly recommend it. There is no doubt that it’s a sturdy safe.

The fire department will have ample time to extinguish the flames before your valuables and important papers inside the safe are destroyed. Despite the size, there is plenty of space for papers, jewelry, and pistols. It weighs 200+ pounds, so picking it up and carrying it is not an option. Be sure to mount it first.

SentrySafe fire protection provides protection for valuables and important documents for up to half an hour at 1400 F. SentrySafe water protection provides up to 72 hours of flood protection against valuable items in 12 inches of water. This is what the SentrySafe EF4738E does best.

In addition to durable and reliable protection, this model is made of solid steel. There are five live locking and four deadbolts, providing superior security against theft. Furthermore, the interior carpeting helps protect delicate items from damage during storage inside this fireproof gun safe.


  • The interior is carpeted
  • Steel construction provides long-term durability
  • Digital combination lock that is easy to use
  • Protection against fire for 30 minutes


  • A lack of quality control

2. Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe – Best Security Fireproof Gun Safe

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

Due to their excellent reputation, Steelwater is consistently ranked highly in our gun safe reviews. They created this safe to be the flagship of their mid-sized budget safe line-up based on its size, which is good for pistols, ammunition, cash, gold, and documents. You’ll also get a Free Dry Pack 200-gram silica and a door organizer.

It’s safe to say that this one has a higher level of safety features than average, but we may be overstating the safety of domestic safes. This product offers an improved and new 1-hour fire rating at 1875°F. It features ten 1.5-inch solid steel locking bolts and 12-gauge steel construction for security.

The door is made of 1/4″ steel, and the rest of the frame is constructed of 12-gauge steel if I read this appropriately. That’s as good as it gets at this price. You can see from the picture that it will only fit about 6-7 rifles with scopes comfortably. This is not a gun safe that will hold more than 10-14 rifles comfortably.

In terms of price, this is about average, perhaps slightly better than what other competitors are offering. With the quality you get for the price, this safe can compete with any major brand. In addition, there are only two sides of the safe that is exposed to a cut attack when you anchor it down. Additionally, it has customizable shelving.


  • Bolt holes have been reinforced
  • Door seal that activates when heated
  • Autonomous led lighting and fully upholstered interior
  • Featuring an EMP-proof digital keypad and a relocking device


  • Nothing to nitpick about

3. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe – Most Spacious Fireproof Gun Safe

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

It won’t be easier to find a better deal than this one if you’re looking for a budget-friendly fireproof gun safe. The door and body are constructed of 12-gauge steel, and the hard plate ensures ultimate security from unauthorized entry. Predrilled holes allow the safe to be bolted to the floor.

In addition to auto relocking, this safe features an automatic lock-punching detector that automatically activates when an attack is made on the lock. Powder coatings designed to resist scratches are designed to prevent them from happening. One hour of fire protection is possible for this safe at 1700 degrees F.

This means that the internal temperature will not rise above 350 degrees for 1 hour during a fire incident. The DOJ has tested its fire rating and it meets all of the standards. If you are looking for a well-made quality fireproof gun safe, but do not wish to spend more, then this would be a good option for you.

A proprietary drill-resistant lock hard plate comes standard on every Blue Dot Safe. This provides protection against drill attacks on the lock. All gun safes are made in the United States with UL Listed locks. Additional locks can be ordered upon request. In addition, it is equipped with a spring-driven relocking mechanism.


  • Rated for 1-hour fire protection up to 1700°F
  • An anti-scratch black powder coating is included as standard
  • Provides anchoring holes as a standard feature
  • Hard plate for drill-resistant locks


  • There are no holes for passing the electric cord

4. Fortress Fireproof Executive Safe – Best Electronic Lock Fireproof Safe

Fortress Fireproof Executive Safe

Fireproof gun safes produced by Fortress are affordable yet still pass independent fireproof testing by UL. Fortress Fireproof Safes are UL-certified as fireproof for 90 minutes at 1400 degrees, and they are among the most sturdy. Other brands simply cannot compete with this value.

Gray upholstery covers the safe, which also has slots for storing 8 long guns, ammo, or handguns, and an adjustable shelf. For fireproof safes, we recommend placing silica gel packs or an electronic dehumidifier on the shelves, since moisture builds up quickly there.

This safe stands out for its affordable price when compared to other gun safes from well-known brands. This fireproof safe provides good value for money, given the high cost of fireproof safes. It has an average level of safety for its category.

A 9V battery is included with the purchase, which powers the electronic keypad lock. As a whole, electronic locks aren’t as secure as we’d like but are common in the industry nowadays.


  • It’s simple, but it’s well organized
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Electronic lock with backlight
  • A full 180-degree opening is possible with external hinges


  • If you’re on a budget, this is a good safe

5. Barska New Fireproof Vault Safe – Most Silent Fireproof Gun Safe

Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Safe

Whether you have a compact handgun or a hunting rifle, we have a secure storage solution to keep your firearms safe. Introducing Barska’s new fireproof rifle safe. With a volume of 19.9 cubic feet, this steel-framed firearm safe can secure and protect 45 long guns.

Your valuables and firearms are safely secured inside with the six-point deadbolt locking mechanism. In order to prevent scratching or damage to its valuables, it has fully lined its interior with upholstery. In addition, its keypad lock features an indicator showing the power level.

Quick entry keypads allow users to quickly gain access to content inside without having to open the lock. A 9-volt battery is also included with this fireproof gun safe. Different bolt holes make it easy to mount. Unless a heavy-duty jack is used to move it, it will be impossible for someone to move it.

It has also been programmed to lock out the system if the wrong code is entered too many times. Barska Fire Vault Safes come with two backup keys that provide additional security. For maximum security, it features 6 solid-steel bolts for maximum fireproofing. These safes are fireproof for an hour up to 1,200 degrees F.


  • California Department of Justice approved safe
  • It also has a feature called silent access
  • Contains removable shelves
  • Space for a lot of guns


  • Quality control still needs to be improved

6. Steelwater AMSWS-610EL – Best long-term Fireproof Gun Safe

Steelwater AMSWS-610EL

Steelwater is, in our opinion, the best fireproof gun safe brand on the market. With a high fire-resistance rating and premium safety features, this is truly premium safe for handguns. Its heavy-duty door measures four inches thick, and it can be mounted on the floor via four bolts.

What makes this safe stand out is the 2-hour fire-resistance rating (at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit). A residential house fire typically burns at about 1500°F (330°C), which makes this safe robust enough to survive a serious inferno and keep your guns safe. A KSG 4500 test was done on this safe, which is similar to UL testing in the US.

This fireproof safe is protected by two 1″ live locking bolts and two 1″ deadbolts, so you won’t be able to easily break it in. The features of this gun safe are superior to those of most residential gun safes, in our opinion.

The combination of a live lock and deadbolts is an added security feature in this residential safe.

It doesn’t come with an upholstered interior, which I imagine would have added a nice touch. However, there is a nice sturdy shelf that can be removed. As a gun owner, I like keeping my guns on one level and my ammo on another.


  • Fireproof rating at 1850°F for 120 minutes
  • Safe with a very high fireproof rating
  • When a fire occurs, the material will not be damaged by water
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive

7. AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe – Best Build-quality Fireproof Safe

AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe

Designed with a reinforced solid steel wall, the fireproof gun safe is fireproof and secure. Multi-tiered shelving, which can be adjusted and removed, makes it easy to store up to 22 rifles. It can also protect your firearms stored inside from accidental fire for up to 45 minutes at 1400°F.

With the removable shelves in the home fireproof gun safe, one can store jewelry, pistols, documents, cash, and more. Inside the safe, you’ll find a soft cloth lining, which means your precious valuables and delicate possessions will be protected from scratches and damage. Additionally, this safe is UL approved for security purposes.

Other accessories such as rifles and shotguns can be stored on the unit’s adjustable and removable shelves. An electronic digital keypad plus manual keys provide access to the unit. Heat-activated door seals expand in the event of a fire so that smoke and heat can be expelled.

Seven active bolts and three deadbolts are included in this electronic gun safe with its heavy-duty construction. Despite being drill-proof, the lock body is further protected by a ruggedized hard plate and exterior hinges. In this way, your safe will remain secured against unauthorized entry.


  • A fire-resistance rating of 1400°F for 45 minutes
  • Thermostatic door seals
  • Safe’s interior is lined with a soft cloth
  • External door hinges allow 180-degree opening


  • No interior lighting

8. Sports Afield SA7240P Preserve Security Electronics Safe – Best Modular Fireproof Gun Safe

Sports Afield SA7240P Preserve Fire/Waterproof Safe

In the Preserve Series, the fire-resistant safes at Sports Afield feature a fire rating of 40 minutes at 1200 degrees. Your safe is fortified against fire hazards thanks to the proprietary Triple Seal Technology. Your valuables will be protected from water damage, smoke damage, and also fire damage.

Water events are not an issue with the Preserve safe because the structure can withstand at least 2 feet of standing water for at least 7 days. This safe weighs 668 pounds and has a capacity of 60 guns. Featuring ten locking bolts that are 1.5″ wide, a welded body, and a pry-resistant recessed door.

This safe is always protected from being stolen thanks to the strategically placed hard plates. Moreover, the fully programmable e-lock and three-spoke chrome handle make it easy to open your safe when you need to access your contents.

Two spare override keys are also included with your purchase, so you never have to worry about losing your keys. There are carpeted interior shelves that can be removed, allowing the safe to be customized to fit perfectly in any space.

Handguns and all of your important accessories can be conveniently stored with a standard door organization system. Your favorite lighting system and temperature/humidity control can easily be installed with a UL-approved outlet. Sports Afield has the best safes available.


  • Removable shelves and fully carpeted
  • Featuring a heavy-duty 5 spoke chrome handle
  • E-lock with full programmability
  • The Triple Seal Technology combines water, smoke, and fire resistance
  • Gun racks made of steel


  • None

9. Mesa Burglary and Fire-Resistant Gun Safe – Most Versatile Fireproof Gun Safe

Mesa Burglary and Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

A burglar safe combined with a fire safe provides all the security options you need to protect your weapons and valuables. This fireproof rifle safe from Mesa Safe Company could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget fireproof gun safe. This model features an all-steel construction.

Safes such as these are capable of standing temperatures up to 1750° Fahrenheit for periods of up to an hour. Both the lock and keys resist drilling and punching. Also included is an internal power supply. With this security hub, you have the security and power you need.

Besides holding rifles and shotguns comfortably, the case can hold valuables and other items. If you want to store more than 13 rifles, you might have to remove shelves in order to fit everything. You will also receive a free door organizer. The interior is fully upholstered with adjustable shelving and gun storage. 

The device also comes with backup keys to ensure that, in the event of an electronic keypad failure or a dead battery, the device can be opened safely. The fire and burglar-proof design of the 1-1/2-inch steel construction door coupled with the 1-inch diameter solid locking bolts provides adequate protection.


  • The handle is made from brass and has three decorative spokes
  • Brass finish with an advanced electronic locking system
  • Rated as fire-resistant for one hour in temperatures of up to 1750°F
  • Hinges made of heavy-gauge steel


  • Hard to find one on sale

Things To Look For In A Fireproof Gun Safe

Gun safes with a high burglary rating may ignore fire protection, leaving valuable items vulnerable to fires or floods. Why not invest in a safe that’s high-rated both for burglary and fire protection since you spent money on them?

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best fireproof document and gun safe. With the right price range and features, you’ll find a fire safe that works well for you and within your budget. The following are a few key characteristics you should consider when choosing a fireproof gun safe.


Because of the hard material used in fireproof gun safes, they tend to be more expensive than ordinary gun safes. When it comes to protecting your valuables, you have to consider the investment you can make.

When choosing a fireproof safe for home use, ensure it is constructed from the best quality material, has a thick wall, and has a solid construction so that you get the most for your money.


It varies widely in terms of security. Make sure all four sides of the door have nice thick, 2-inch deadbolts and drill-resistant plates. Steelwater safes are all good, but we think their long gun safe has the best security.

Steelwater also offers keypads that are EMP-resistant as another layer of security. The most common method burglars use to open safe doors is prying them open.

Thieves will find it very difficult to pry open a safe that is secured with locking bolts and thick steel. One of their favorite attack methods is to tip the safe and get to the back.

That’s why mounting the gun safe to the floor is so crucial. Pre-drilled mounting holes are fairly common with large gun safes. Just make sure to mount your safe properly.

Locking Mechanism

A key, combination code, or electronic keypad are the three most common types of locks. In our opinion, combination codes and keys are more secure because they don’t require batteries.

It also means less maintenance is required. But I know keypads are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Backup keys should also be available in case the electronic keypad or combination code fails.

An electronic keypad is more likely to fail eventually due to the running out of the battery, for example. Another alternative is biometric fingerprint scanner locks. Those are very hard to find so I will ignore them for now.

Independent Fireproof Rating

Fireproof ratings are provided by Underwriters Laboratory, an independent company. For safes and thin materials, as well as regular home fire extinguishers, UL issues standard fireproof ratings.

Fire extinguisher regulations for the US Coast Guard are even part of it. It is clear that UL certification is important. A UL rating will tell you how long and at what temperature a safe will resist fire.

Hopefully, you have already researched many gun safes online and found those that offer fire protection if you are concerned about protecting your valuables from fire.

The truth is, not all the information you find online about fireproof gun safes is accurate. Fireproof safes are often claimed by manufacturers using unregulated fire ratings and without testing.

Considering a gun safe that has been tested for fire vulnerability is important because it has been thoroughly analyzed.

When it comes to assessing fireproof gun safes, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certifications are the most reliable. Some of the fireproof gun safe certifications are listed below:

  • Class 350

Safes with this category can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius) and 85% humidity. Important paper documents are ideal for storing in the safe (the paper’s ignition temperature is around 450°F or 232°C).

You can find gun safes that can do more than just protect your valuables, they can also effectively block heat from getting inside the safe. Documents, ammunition, and storage devices can all suffer damage from extremely high internal temperatures.

  • Class 150

This class allows a safe to sustain at least 85% humidity and internal temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit (66 degrees Celsius).

The safe is thus adequate for protecting paper articles and storage devices such as CDs. The door of this type of safe does not, however, always have a seal to make it waterproof.

  • Class 125

The safe in this class can sustain humidity of 80% and temperatures of 125°F (52.5°C). UL did not specify whether DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray disks can also be protected, but it is adequate to protect paper documents as well as floppies.

Also, the door’s seal expands when exposed to heat, making these safes water-resistant. When submerged into the water without being heated, water can seep through.

Generally, the time rating will be either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. It is possible for a wildfire to pass over a house in 5 minutes, leaving it intact. In that case, a 30-minute safe can survive the damage.

It’s possible, however, that the house will catch, and the fire will burn on for over an hour, although at a reduced temperature after the first 20 minutes. We usually recommend either a 30 or 1-hour fire rating.

Steel Thickness & Construction

A fire-resistant gun safe must have a thick wall. Steel gauges measure how thick a gun safe is. Thick steel is gauged to be lower while thinner steel is gauged to be higher. Gun safes with a high level of quality should have a minimum of 11-gauge steel in the body and 10-to-7-gauge steel in the interior.

An important consideration when determining the fireproofing capacity of a safe is the construction and thickness of the wall. Quality construction is the most important feature of a safe, it goes without saying. In other words, an unreliable safe cannot protect your weapons from fire.

As a result, the thickness of the wall determines the quality of a safe. Fire, flood, and thievery will be prevented by thick walls more effectively than thin steel construction.

Your valuable documents and firearms could easily be burned at high temperatures. To ensure the fire is kept at bay for a long time, buy the thickest gun safe you can get. Thicker steel will keep the fire at bay longer.

Size Of The Safe

Do you collect guns? In addition to your weapons, do you have to store other valuables like cash and important documents in a more spacious storage space? Then, you have to keep in mind the size of the safe.

If you plan on making future purchases, you probably don’t want two safes. Gun safes come in three basic sizes. Small fireproof gun safes can keep only pistols and some documents.

Generally, all you need for a handgun is a regular house safe. In other words, you will save a considerable amount of money by opting for a pistol safe. For a fireproof safe of this size, we want to find a price range of $200 to $500.

Following that is a regular fireproof rifle safe such as Blue Dot Safe. These can comfortably hold four to eight rifles. Prices range from approximately $700 to $1500. If you can spend this amount. the Steelwater or the Blue Dot would be my choice.

In order to get a fireproof rifle safe that is good enough for your arsenal, you’ll need to shell out at least $2000. This gun safe from Steelwater is one of our favorites.

Internal A/C Power

There are a few things you can do with internal A/C power. If you have a fireproof safe, it’s vital that you install a dehumidifier inside. Fireproof means that moisture cannot enter or leave.

It’s inevitable that moisture will accumulate in the safe from the air that’s already inside. Having a dehumidifier that you can plug into a wall is the most effective option, in our opinion.

It never needs recharging once it is out of puff. If you keep your gun safe in a hunting cabin you go out to only occasionally, this will reduce maintenance issues.

Using A/C power for internal lighting is also a good idea. There is something classy about the LED lighting within the Steelwater range.


A padded interior is one of our favorites. A padded safe look nicer and feels classier. However, everyone has their own preferences.

The interior can also be equipped with a door organizer with ammo and gun pouches, as well as removable shelves. It might be necessary to remove some shelves in order to accommodate your growing arsenal, or possibly rearrange them to accommodate it.

Fireproof Testing Method

Make sure it has been thoroughly tested by an independent third party or US authority. In the market, there are plenty of fire rating stickers that can be used by companies without testing whether the product is fire-resistant. Therefore, you should buy from a reputed company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when there is a fire in a fireproof gun safe? Do my guns burn like cake in an overheated oven?

Your safe’s fireproof rating will determine whether it can withstand a fire. Several safes offer protection for a limited time period but cannot keep your weapons safe for very long.

It depends on the safe, but some can keep you safe for 30 minutes, while others can keep you safe for two hours. If you’re buying a gun safe, make sure it is fireproof with a good fireproof rating.

2. Do fireproof gun safes work well for protecting jewelry?

The gun safe must be able to provide fire protection to your jewelry for a certain amount of time. A fire can damage valuables inside a safe due to the extreme heat inside.

In the case of extreme temperatures, choose a safe that is able to maintain a safe temperature inside for your jewelry for an extended period of time.

3. What is the best way to keep a fireproof gun safe?

You should always store your guns unloaded and keep your ammo separate from your guns if you wish to ensure the safety of your valuables.

This may seem counterintuitive and inconvenient, but if you practice it regularly, the ammo and stored gun powder won’t ignite when their internal temperatures approach a certain point during a fire.

It is essential to clean your safe regularly to keep it free of dirt and dust. Manufacturers generally recommend cleaning your door or locks at least once a month, but you might be able to get away with wiping the door down twice a year to ensure they continue to work.

Don’t forget to lubricate the screws and bolts once a year as well. Lastly, ensure that your safe does not have any moisture inside. This will prevent your weapons from corroding or rusting. Dehumidifiers are recommended to keep all of your valuables in a healthy environment.

4. How should I mount a fireproof safe?

Depending on the type and size of the safe, and if you intended to anchor it to keep it from being stolen, your options will vary. It may not be possible to anchor the safe permanently, which dramatically affects the security of your firearms.

The majority of smaller safes are equipped with predrilled holes and bolts to allow them to be mounted to the floor or wall. Prior to buying a gun safe or a home safe, check the specs and manual from the manufacturer.

Final Words

When choosing a gun safe for their needs, many gun owners don’t think about the fact that it has to be fireproof. Fireproof gun safes are so rare out there that most of them are not.

Several gun safe manufacturers claim that their products are fireproof, but the ratings they attribute to their firearms are unregulated. As a result, it is very important that you end up buying the best fireproof gun safe that has been tested extensively against fire exposure before you purchase it.

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